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How to Select the Right Bluetooth Speaker

Modern technology is all about portability and convenience and the Bluetooth speaker is a great example of this.  These speakers come in a range of sizes, shapes and outputs to allow them to be moved around the home or even taken with you on vacation or during the day.  So how do you select the right one?

Understanding Bluetooth speakers

Normally, for speakers to work, they require a cable connection to the source of the sound.  The sound travels along this cable from the stereo or other source but with Bluetooth speakers, there are no cables required.  Instead, they use the same Bluetooth technology that allows devices such as in-car speakerphone systems and cellphone earpieces to work.

Bluetooth speakers have a number of advantages over traditional cable-based systems.  Obviously, there’s the lack of cables that means they aren’t stuck in a single location – gone are the days where you placed large, awkward speakers in a set place in your living room and they remained there for years, usually gathering dust.  Instead, Bluetooth speakers can be moved from one room to another as required.

Harman Kardon Traveler

bluetooth speakersTraveler 1024x768 - How to Select the Right Bluetooth Speaker

The Harman Kardon Traveler is a great example of the ultra-portable Bluetooth speaker.  Compact and well crafted, the speaker is of a size to easily fit into a handbag, briefcase or a carryon bag to take on vacation.  It also has a stylish design that looks in keeping with any room in which you place it.

As well as being easy to carry and looking good, the speaker has a number of key benefits that mark a quality Bluetooth speaker.  It has a built-in dual microphone and uses advanced echo and noise cancellation features.  This means it is easy to use it for conference calling as well as listening to music or a podcast.

The speaker is small in size but packs an impressive battery life – 10 hours with a power bank to charge your phone as well.  You can also connect two of the speakers together to get double the output through a wireless connection.

Music wherever you want it

The Traveler from Harman Kardon is a great example of the kind of unobtrusive and smart speaker that allows you to have music wherever you want it and is portable enough to take on vacation, to work or to a friend’s house.  It showcases the best of Bluetooth speaker features and looks so much more stylish than those awkward old speakers from your Hi-Fi system.

HK TRAVELER PHONE SILVER 7750 x3 mid - How to Select the Right Bluetooth Speaker

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