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How to pick a good phone for traveling

When choosing a new mobile phone, it’s a good idea to select one that will also be suitable for travelling, but how do you decide which model will best suit your needs? This article will highlight the most important features for finding a travel phone, and will help to narrow down your choices.

Dual SIM phone

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If you plan on using the phone both at home and abroad, then you’ll want one that has dual SIM slots. This will give you the ability to use a normal SIM and an international SIM card; international SIMs are essential for avoiding excessive roaming charges.


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Phones can be fragile things; you don’t want it to become cracked or damaged. Find a model that has been built to last and can stand up to all of the stresses and strains of travel. It’s also wise to invest in a specially designed travel case so the phone has an extra layer of protection against scratches and cracks.

Screen size

This is another important consideration, especially if you plan on watching movies or playing games on your phone to while away the hours when you have some downtime. A screen that is too small doesn’t make for a great picture and will hinder your game playing.

Choose a Non-branded phone

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Some people choose to buy a second phone just for travelling. If you do this, you could save money by opting for a non-branded phone as this will be the most affordable option, and make sure it has got the same specs as your usual phone.  Make sure you read reviews so you don’t buy a lemon!

Overseas Compatibility

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This is quite a common mistake, but some people are unaware that not every model will work in every country, and some networks might not operate overseas. When buying a new phone, check it will function in your chosen destination, or you risk being without a working phone when you go away.  Japan and South Korea are countries that are particularly difficult to find a phone that works there. To check compatibility, you can click here.

Picture capability

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If you are leaving your digital camera behind, and intend relying on your phone to take pictures, look for one with a high screen resolution, or those breathtaking images you snap while abroad might not look so good when you get home.


If you are going to get an international SIM card them you will need a phone that is unlocked, this means that you can use any SIM card inside.  Having an unlocked phone when you travel will save you a fortune on roaming charges.

This article is written by Brad Wilson, a passionate tech geek who loves to travel to strange places. 

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