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Have You Heard of Xamarin, One of the Best Tools For Cross Platform Mobile Development

Xamarin Development

For many mobile apps developers, Xamarin is the best tool for cross-platform development amongst the competition.

Do you agree?

This product brings .NET/C# to iOS, Android and other popular mobile platforms. The most unique feature of Xamarin is its ability to produce true iOS and Android applications  in  .NET. Mothat are 100% compatible with the iOS App Store and Google Play distribution requirements.

These 5 unique features of Xamarin will fully demonstrate why is it the best choice for cross-platform mobile development.

Xamarin - Have You Heard of Xamarin, One of the Best Tools For Cross Platform Mobile Development

1) Requires Less to Learn

Every mobile platform has its particular programming environment, SDK, UI norms and requirements. When using Xamarin, there is no need mastering several programming languages and learning requirements of each platform, as you can develop apps for Android and iOS using only one language – C#.

2) Does Not Hide Platform Uniqueness

Contrary to some other frameworks for cross-platform development, Xamarin does not hide the uniqueness of each platform. Instead, it embraces these features and makes it possible to build applications that feel natural to any platform they are run on.

3) Makes Development Faster

With Xamarin you need to write less code, even if you are writing similar apps for different platforms. There is no need for working in the different native environments of each platform, as the same application logic can be shared between different platforms. This helps save a good amount of time and effort.

4) Fewer Bugs

Everything is simple – when writing less code you deal with fewer bugs in the long run. Great test coverage is one more reason why Xamarin produces fewer bugs. It allows writing a single set of tests which can be then used to validate the code for each platform. Testing apps, as well as evaluating their performance is possible in the cloud and there is also no need for testing it on various devices.

5) Best Choice for the Future

Taking into account the quick pace of Android, iOS and Windows Phone industry development, Xamarin, allows for app development with UIs native to each platform, the best choice for cross-platform development. It makes application development quicker, easier and cost-effective.

Хamarin is widely used by Freeze Pro Software nearshore development. Freeze Pro Software is an experienced software development company, developing excellent custom web, desktop and mobile applications.

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