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Increase Your Instagram Fan Base

Looking to increase your fan base on Instagram? Well, look no further as this article will provide effective methods on how to increase Instagram fan base and followers. Of course, you can always buy Instagram followers, but the purchased fans are usually not authentic and don’t really help, especially if you are looking to enhance your social media presence and engagement. Here are some ways to increase Instagram likes.


Share Your Profile on other Social Media Platforms


Posting your Instagram profile on a site like Facebook or Twitter and asking people to follow you is a great way to lure people to follow you on Instagram. A simple post like “Want more? Be sure to check us on Instagram” or “Are we friends yet in Instagram? Follow us @XXXX”. Just make sure you have an appealing photo that will attract the masses. Instagram can be a great way to help a business appear a certain way and in a positive light.

Put an Instagram Icon on Your Site

Having social icons in certain places on your website is an excellent way to attract visitors to your social media. So, add an Instagram icon on a visible section of your site and ensure it’s linked to your Instagram account. Your customers and visitors will feel the need to connect with you more, and social media is usually the best platform. Ensure you post the icons on all pages at the top and bottom of the site.

Ask People to Follow You on Instagram on a Video

This is a tip that is best utilized by Vloggers or businesses that post videos every now and then for their audience. Asking people to check out your Instagram for more pictures and information is a great way to create a bigger Instagram fan base. It’s usually best to emphasize this towards the end of the video and ensure you post the link on the description part.

Get Instagram Views

Getting more Instagram views can really help a business look popular. Many businesses starting up believe that buying Instagram views from Buzzoid or similar companies gives them the appearance of momentum that gets others interested. Psychology is interesting and there could be a large element of truth in it. If you see something that’s popular you may believe you’re missing out and are more likely to take a look. Our tip would be to consider it. You may find out more about buying Instagram likes from Thunderclap.

Search For Individuals and Business That interest you and Connect

The idea behind this action is to attract people to your page by liking and commenting on their photos. Just ensure that it’s something that falls within your interests and makes sure you are genuine and not hunting for followers. Like a couple of pictures and then give them a follow. Also, do not make the mistake of asking for a follow back, people generally hate that. When people see that you liked a couple of their photos and followed them, chances are they will do the same on your page. This is an excellent way to grow. Do this for a couple of minutes every day and you will be surprised of just how fast your fan base can increase.

Last but not least, consider adding an Instagram plug on your websites sidebar. This is ideally a great way to encourage visitors to check out your Instagram page and thus increases the chances of getting more followers. Here are some good tips.

Implement these tips and you will be happy with the results.