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Types of Wooden Export Pallets Every Company Should Use

Wooden Export Pallets
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Types of Wooden Export Pallets Every Company Should Use

While the field of material handling might seem straightforward, you may be astonished at how much specificity and variation there is when it comes to nuances of storing and moving products. An excellent example of this is the wide assortment of pallet types available for factories, warehouses, logistics firms, manufacturing companies, etc. A wide variety of different kinds of pallets help to move and store the goods more efficiently and safely. A company dealing in exports should have the following wooden export pallets to ensure efficiency in their operations:

Wooden Export Pallets
Photo by ELEVATE from Pexels

Press Wood Pallet

  • This pallet is a feasible option for plastic pallets due to its qualities and design attributes. The pallets are manufactured from wood fibers, which are initially processed and subjected to high temperatures. Then, those fibers are mechanically pressured together to create a solid, single block of wood. 
  • These pallets are also produced from recycled wooden materials, which can include old pallets, wood shavings, or wood waste. The pallets’ main advantage is that they can be easily nested together, resulting in consuming less space compared to other conventional pallets.    
  • These quality export pallets are light in weight, thus facilitating transport and storage purposes. They are reliable and safe to use because they are molded in such a unique way, which results in smooth rounded corners. Moreover, they are made with reinforcing ribs, which enhance the pallets’ overall capacity to bear excessive weight. 

Plywood Pallets

  • These pallets are a good option for transporting medium and lightweight goods. They are very lightweight and highly effective when it comes to enduring rough usage. When compared with normal wood, plywood has a superiority edge because it is intensely resistant to infestation. Furthermore, these export pallets are specially engineered to make them moisture resistant. 
  • These can be easily customized according to the requirements both as a single and double-deck pallet. As plywood itself is a durable and tough kind of wood with high, uniform strength, it is widely used among diverse industries. It is free from warping, shrinking, and swelling. This balanced composition and construction make plywood pallets an incredible option for transportation, handling, and storage.  
Heat Treated Wooden Pallet
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  • To prevent damage of goods from pests, infestation, or moisture, wooden export pallets go through rigorous heat treatment. There are many benefits of using these pallets because they are light in weight and have high durability and strength. 
  • They have increased shelf-life; therefore, large amounts of weight are easily carried through them. The pallets have superior workability and usually come in 2-way and 4-way entry type.

Pinewood Pallets

  • These pallets have a relatively soft texture and are medium weight. This makes them ideal for storing and transporting small objects. 
  • The overall elasticity and strength of these export pallets are good. Also, they have better natural durability and generally come in a 2-way entry type. The nails used in this pallet manufacturing include coach screws, ring grooved nails, wooden screws, and plain nails.
  • They are heat and chemically treated, therefore provide termite resistance. The pallet integrates deck boards spaced identically at the top and bottom, which allows the pallets to be reversed.         

These are some of the most common, durable, and long-lasting export pallets made from wood used by exporters worldwide. The pallets have made a distinctive mark in the logistics, storage, and shipping industry worldwide. They have stood the test of time and will continue to meet diverse industries’ requirements in the years to come.   

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