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5 Tips on Making Your Instagram Posts More Attractive

5 Tips on Making Your Instagram Posts More Attractive
Image by June Aye from Pixabay

There are a lot of Instagram profiles out there, and you want yours to stand out. You won’t achieve this if our Instagram posts are dull to look at. You have to ensure that your posts’ pictures and videos are attractive, so whoever comes across your posts will be compelled to stop and check out your profile. Doing so might require you to put some effort into your posts, but it will generate the desired result – more engagement and followers. Pictures and videos are the bulk of Instagram posts and will be extensively discussed here. Follow these tips to ensure your Instagram posts become more attractive.

Pay Attention To Lighting

Whether taking a photo or shooting a video, lighting plays a vital role in how attractive it looks. You could get some light to improve your shots from different sources. There is natural light from the sun and artificial ones from ring lights, LEDs, etc. Lighting can make or mar your posts, so you need to pay attention to it. Too much light could wash your picture, and a dark photo isn’t attractive to the eyes. To achieve a desirable outcome, study how the lights in your surroundings affect your capture and how you can control them. 

Usually, the early morning sun casts a soft glow, while the afternoon sun is as harsh as it feels. You could use added features like curtains to control the amount of light coming through. If you are using a smartphone’s camera, tap different focus areas to see which is best for your pictures.

When you post your shots, improve your post by using a caption that briefly explains the photo. You could get the best captions for your nicely taken pictures on this recommended site.

Focus On Your Camera Setting

take a picture with phone camera
Image by Pexels from Pixabay

Your phone’s camera comes with inbuilt features that include filters, frames, portrait mode, HDR mode, pano, live mode, and stability mode. You should be able to use these features to your advantage. Don’t just depend on autofocus. Take out time to control the focus manually. It is like picking each ingredient separately and deciding the quantity you want to cook for your pot of soup. Again, don’t take pictures or videos with full exposure to avoid losing the details. You may have to change your flash settings as well. If possible, avoid using flash as it overshadows the picture’s lightning, making it look plain.

Add Layers Or Make Use Of Depth Of Field

It is an interesting part that will make your pictures and videos on your posts look professional and attractive. Adding layers means adding a mild background to your main subject. For example, if you want to take a picture of a coffee cup, you could add a flower vase to the background and blur it out. It has a way of directing the eyes of the viewers from the flower vase to focus on the coffee cup. However, if you have a busy background that could distract your viewers’ eyes from the main focus, you could blur them out.

The portrait mode of your phone would do the job. Tap on the subject of focus and move your camera till you get the best depth of field. If you are using an actual camera, it would be easier to achieve a good depth of field with your lens.

Obey Rule Of Thirds 

It is a major principle in photography. How exactly do you apply the rule of thirds? Draw three imaginary vertical and horizontal lines on your frame. These lines should create nine boxes of equal size. You must ensure that your subject is focused where the lines intersect. You could do it with perfectly centered shots, but sometimes, obeying the rule of thirds only adds a kind of spice to the shots. If you can enable grid lines to show on your camera, that will save you a lot of stress and help you do a perfect job.

Play With Different Angles

Your grid lines would also help you to create angles. Don’t just stick to a particular way of taking pictures or videos; spice it up. It is especially vital for videos. If you shoot a video with just one background and fewer activities, people might get bored watching it. Remember, the aim is to make your Instagram posts attractive to your viewers. They should be willing to stick through and listen to your words. Take shots from different angles and mix them creatively. If you want to take overhead shots, you should ensure that your photo elements are parallel to your gridline. However, there are no rigid rules for creativity. Just ensure that you capture the minds of whoever views it. 


There is a high standard currently on Instagram, and your posts must meet that standard to stand out. These tips will help you curate quality and attractive videos and pictures for your Instagram content. Ensure proper lighting, play with angles, and obey the rule of third. In all, be creative to get the best out of your posts.

Featured Image by June Aye from Pixabay