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5 Top Destinations for a Boys’ Trip

5 Top Destinations for a Boys' Trip
Image by cocoparisienne from Pixabay

Traveling is one of the best ways to spend free time. Trips and destinations can be modified to fit almost any budget, giving you time to explore a new place and relax. Life becomes a lot busier once you throw full-time jobs, significant others, and families into the mix. However, it is important to allot some time for a trip with the boys every once in a while. This will promote bonding, relaxation, and adventure. Additionally, when visiting Seljalandsfoss waterfall in Iceland, you can make memories that last a lifetime as you get away with family or friends. Here are some great places to consider for your next boys’ trip.

1. Mediterranean

The Mediterranean boasts a fascinating history, strong culture, and delicious foods. You can pack in as many natural wonders, historical sites, or scenic landmarks into this trip as you want. This is a great option for a week-long trip. A luxury Mediterranean cruise is an optimal way to visit this area, as it allows you to stop at multiple places without worrying about finding somewhere to stay in each place. The natural beauty that surrounds you on the cruise ship will stun you.

2. Grand Canyon

If your crew is one who would prefer to stay active, a trip to the Grand Canyon is worth considering. This location is ideal for those who enjoy hiking, kayaking, paddling, and other outdoor activities. The mile-deep canyon looks drastically different in a boat than it does from above. Rolling rapids may be the adrenaline rush your guys are searching for. Alternatively, there are tons of challenging hikes you can take. The reward for hiking a long trail is a breathtaking view. The Grand Canyon has been noted as a humbling voyage for visitors who spent time reflecting and finding themselves, as well.

3. Phoenix

While this may not be the prime choice in the summer heat, Phoenix, Arizona, offers a wide variety of options for your trip. Choosing one city can make a long weekend feasible. However, you can also stack this with other nearby cities if you are looking for a longer trip. Desert scenery provides amazing landscape views and provides space for many outdoor activities. Golfers will love having almost 200 golf courses to choose from within the area. Other attractions include the Musical Instrument Museum, Papago Park, Desert Botanical Garden, the Phoenix Zoo, and Roosevelt Row.

4. Asheville

Instead of desert views, you will be greeted with mountain views in Asheville. This fabulous and growing city in the mountains of western North Carolina has become a popular vacation spot. Amazing food can be found in the many restaurants and bars within and close to the city.

Blue Ridge Mountains
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If your group of friends loves to drink beer, then this is the spot for you. Asheville has been crowned Beer City USA four years in a row. There are over 20 craft breweries and more than 100 local beers. There are many beer festivals and other events throughout the year, so check ahead to see if your trip lines up with one of these great events. You guys could try a beer at each brewery! Be sure to purchase swag such as pint glasses or hats along the way.

5. Bali

If you have the time and money to spare for this once-in-a-lifetime trip, Bali is your destination. The flight is long, but the trip is worth the plane time. You can choose to spend your days along picturesque beaches, surfing waves, relaxing in infinity pools, or adventuring through the landscape. There are volcanoes and other great places to explore. The food and culture are unparalleled.

There are ways to make a boys’ trip work on most budgets. Planning ahead to save up for the trip and searching for the best prices for transportation and lodging can help make vacations more affordable. No matter the destination you choose, remember to cherish the time spent with your buddies. Take pictures, document fun things, and make memories. You won’t regret sharing this time with your friends.

Featured Image by cocoparisienne from Pixabay