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5 Must-Haves of The Genuine Essay Writing Service

5 Must-Haves of The Genuine Essay Writing Service
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When it comes to favorite things about being a college student, it would be a safe bet to say that writing essays would be at the bottom of every student’s list. Not only do essays and other types of written academic assignments require you to write at a very high level, but they are also very time-consuming and tedious, for the most part. Even if they might be interesting, they usually get pushed aside in favor of other academic obligations because they take so much time to write. Once you return to them, there is usually not enough time to write one. 

Enter essay writing services offer help with just about every aspect of essay writing, from researching the subject to the actual writing. However, as helpful as they are, plenty of writing services offer subpar quality work or even flat-out scam students out of their money by failing to deliver what they paid for. With that in mind, we have decided to put together a list of five things every genuine essay writing service should have, making them an option worthy of consideration.

1. Diverse Range of Services

As we have indicated before, every respectable essay writing service should be able to offer a wide range of services to students because there is a lot more that goes into completing an essay than just writing. Every essay also involves research, creating an outline, as well as proofreading, and editing once you are done writing. But, a genuine essay service should also be able to complete other types of work, such as term papers, dissertations, coursework, report, and reviews. If they can do this, that means they have enough capable writers on staff to handle any of your requests.

2. Writers with Relevant Experience and Degrees

Some less-than-stellar essay writing services hire bloggers and content writers to write essays for their clients, which is unacceptable since each essay requires a particular format, tone, referencing method, and critical thinking. Therefore, a good writing service should have writers on its staff who hold a master’s or a Ph.D. in a relevant field. This means they can tick all the right boxes when it comes to essay writing, including quality, which should be superb, and quick turnaround times. Ideally, essay writers have sufficient experience on the topic they are writing about. Top essay places also allow you to contact their writers and agree on all the details of your essay.

3. Support Which Is Accessible 24/7

It should go without saying that every essay writing service worth your consideration should offer customer support that is available 24/7. Of course, the writer handling your essay might be in another time zone and sleeping, but there should always be someone available to answer questions that pertain to your essay. Ideally, you should get an immediate response, but even in real-life situations, you shouldn’t be made to wait more than 5 minutes to get an answer. Anything above that or a complete lack of 24/7 support is not a good recommendation for an essay writing service.

4. Zero Plagiarism

Plagiarism is one of the most serious academic offenses, which is why stuff like referencing using a particular system is such as big deal in pretty much all academic institutions. Of course, all expert essay writers should be able to provide citations in all of the most referencing styles, such as APA, MLA, Chicago, and Harvard, so you don’t get punished for plagiarism. Furthermore, essay companies should also use programs that can detect plagiarism. Although you might not receive a report on the uniqueness of your essay with the paper itself, you can specifically ask for it. If the service is reluctant or unable to provide one, it might not be as reliable as it claims to be. 

5. Timely Delivery

The main reason why you might be reaching out to an essay writing service is that you are behind schedule, and there is not enough time for you to complete your essay, or you have other academic obligations that are more important. So, timely delivery is an essential factor here, and some writing services might even be able to deliver an essay 24 hours after you have placed your order. But, fast delivery shouldn’t come at the expense of quality. If you receive a poorly written essay, then you might want to ask for revisions, which might or not be free, and there will be little or no time for essay writers to fix the essay according to your instructions.


Picking the right essay writing service nowadays is difficult because there is almost too much choice out there. But, thanks to our list, now you know what to look for in each so that you can make a more educated choice. Good luck!

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