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Eml to Outlook Migration: Convert Your Files Quickly

Eml to Outlook

It’s difficult to find a person who wouldn’t have an account with one of popular email clients these days. Emails are used to exchange information, store important data with the help of attachments, and send folders of files. In one day, a person gets about 15 messages in average. Imagine how much mail you’ll get in a year or two? And sometimes, there are instances when people decide to change email clients and move elsewhere. What to do with thousands of already existing files in this case, though?

Eml is one of the most common types of email messages that are supported by numerous email clients. If you want to transfer lots of files at once, doing it manually is nearly impossible, especially if your initial email account is several years old. Fortunately, it’s possible to move Eml to Outlook with the help of a converter that has been developed specifically for these goals. All you need to do is pick a license and purchase it.

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How Does Eml to Outlook Converter Work?

One of the best things about Eml to Outlook converter we’re offering is that it works quickly and effectively, with no flaws that could hinder the process or damage your files. How does it stand out from the rest? There is quite a list of characteristics that make our converter special.

  • It’s 100% safe, meaning that we guarantee the security of your files transfer.
  • It’s meticulous. Other converters often fail to transfer files in their entirety, with messages being disrupted right in the middle or files you get refusing to open. It won’t happen with our program. Every message will be transferred properly and wholly.
  • It supports converting of email encoding automatically, so you can transfer files from Mac to Windows, etc.
  • It allows you to split PST file into smaller bits, which is incredibly useful in terms of time saving.

In addition, our converter can cope with files of any size, up to 64 TB. You only have to follow a few steps to move your files. After buying a license, you can start using it right away, with only a few clicks needed from you.  Pick a folder where you want your files to go to and that’s it! Your work is half-done. Just activate the process and wait until it’s ready.

Licenses to Choose From

We offer three types of licenses that you can use for Eml to Outlook transfer. They include Home, Business, as well as technical ones. Of course, you can simply convert your files without a license, but that will prove to be more expensive. One gigabyte costs 1$, plus there is a fee of 4.95$ for payment processing. Licenses, in turn, are much cheaper. You’ll have to pay 24.95$ for Home license, 39.95$ for Business license, and 365$ for Technical one. Read about each type and pick one!

With these options, you can complete your Eml to Outlook transfer effortlessly and cheaply. Pick a license and start your migration! Your files will be absolutely secure.  

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