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5 Gadgets Every Welder Needs

Effective, efficient welding is about more than just using a welding gun. Ask any expert welder, and they’ll tell you that there are a whole host of indispensable gadgets out there which make the job a whole lot easier. Not only do they ensure that you’re always completely safe while welding by wearing a welding helmet, but they can also save plenty of time and money, as well as significantly improving the quality of the finished product. A workman is only as good as his tools- so here are five which will transform you into a much better welder.

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Harrington Hoists

Usually, when you need to lift something to weld it, you’d use a hoist. However, when you’re working in a small space, these industrial-sized hoists aren’t the most practical solution. Instead, think about investing in a Harrington hoist. They let you work with ease in close quarters, and can lift between ¾ of a ton and a whopping 9 tons, depending on the individual model. With one of these, you can always get up close and personal with the underside of your work, even in a small workstation!

Welding Aprons

Safety is an important concern when welding, since you’re working with equipment that could potentially do some serious damage. Virtually every welder will use safety goggles and gloves, but that’s not enough- you need to ensure that your whole body is properly protected. For that reason, you should certainly invest in a good quality welding apron, so you can always weld in total safety. They’ll keep your body and clothing safe from sparks and any other potential dangers. Don’t put yourself at risk when welding- make sure you’re kitted out with a welding apron.

Welding Clamps

Not only do you want to keep your workstation nice and tidy, but you’ll also want to ensure that things are properly held down, so that your project is always kept stable for you to work on. Welding clamps kill these two birds with one stone, and they are therefore an essential gadget that every welder should own. Make sure you equip yourself with a variety of different clamps, so whatever the size of your project, you’ve got the right tools for the job.

Pipe Fitting Tools

If you’re not taking full advantage of the benefits that pipe fitting tools can bring, then all you’re doing is making welding much more difficult for yourself. There’s a whole array of different pipe fitting tools available, each with specific needs in mind. Be sure to take a look a look at everything on offer, so that you can choose tools which are a perfect fit with the type of welding you usually perform.

Welding Cart

When you’re welding, there’s plenty of equipment that you need to always have to hand- and now you’ve read through this article, you know that there are a few more pieces of kit that you’ll want to use, too. You’ll naturally want to keep everything together for easy access, but what about if your storage area is a fair distance away from your workstation? That’s where a welding cart comes in. With one of these, you can safely transport all your essential equipment just about anywhere, saving you multiple trips to collect different tools.

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