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10 Reasons You Should Have a Robotic Vacuum Cleaner

Everyone hates vacuum cleaning-it is no lie. It is time consuming, tiresome and extremely boring. Well, what if there was a way out of all this pain? A robotic vacuum cleaner is definitely the ultimate solution for your vacuuming needs. Convenience, reliability, versatility and ease of use are just but a few of what you stand to benefit from investing in a good robotic vacuum cleaner. There are innumerable reasons why you need to have a robotic vacuum cleaner, some of which are discussed right here. With all these benefits, it is apparent why most homeowners are seeking to invest in these valuable home maintenance gadgets. As much as they look cool, the following benefits that come with robotic vacuums are a sure reason to consider investing in one depending on your budget.

1. Handsfree operation.
Remote operation is probably the biggest advantage offered by robotic vacuum cleaners. Having a robotic vacuum cleaner gives you the chance to sit back and relax as your floors are being cleaned spotlessly. In fact, you can use this time to perform other chores. With a robotic vacuum cleaner, you no longer need to pull or push it around while cleaning the floors. Instead, you get to easily control its movement via its remote control or via an app on your smartphone. Others are Wi-Fi enabled, thus easier to control over a common network. This actually makes it possible for your vacuum to get to areas where you are not able to access on your own, thus giving you wholesome floor cleanliness. Even without the remote or smartphone app, a robotic vacuum cleaner ordinarily has a button that can be pressed to power it on and command it to vacuum your living space automatically. As much as you may have to control it at times, a robotic vacuum cleaner does not call for dragging around when vacuuming like the upright vacuum cleaner models do.

2. Scheduling capabilities.
What would you do with a vacuum cleaner that allows you to program it to do whatever you want at whatever time you like? I bet you would enjoy the great cleaning competencies it can afford. The ability to schedule your vacuum cleaner to vacuum at a particular time makes it possible to have your floors cleaned even when you are away from home. In fact, you don’t have to keep a record of when you will need to start vacuuming as this robotic vacuum cleaner already takes care of all that without a hassle. If you will be away on vacation, you can schedule your robotic vacuum to clean the floors on particular days of the week and a particular time, right via your smartphone app. This ensures that your floors remain flawless no matter where you are, and how long you will be gone. Its self-charging feature is another feature that compliments the robotic vacuum cleaner’s scheduling capabilities by ensuring uninterrupted vacuuming.

3. Supreme filtration capabilities.
Filtration is a very important feature when it comes to vacuum cleaning. Most robotic vacuums usually have multiple filters. The main types of filters that are in robotic vacuums include the replaceable HEPA filter which is the best in the industry, a washable filter for cost effectiveness and a carbon filter for odor elimination, among others. With this kind of filtration capabilities that come with robotic vacuum cleaners, even the tiniest dirt particles are captured from the atmosphere, and any dirt that gets into the dirt canister is kept intact until it is emptied. This helps prevent sparking of allergic reactions such as asthma and other dust-related allergies. Decent filtration also prevents loss of suction as well as escaping of dust and debris back into the atmosphere when the dirt canister starts filling up.

4. Self-charging feature.
Unlike most vacuum cleaners that will require the user to drag it to the charging station, robotic vacuum cleaners do this automatically. Once a low battery is detected, this vacuum cleaner spontaneously moves to its charging dock and gets recharged, after which it continues with its vacuuming routine. This guarantees continuous vacuuming of floors of any size without unwarranted halts. This is made even better by the fact that the Lithium ion batteries used in these vacuums provide long-lasting power and require shorter recharge periods. Given this features, the robotic vacuum cleaner is an essential tool when it comes to vacuuming larger floor spaces, as it keeps vacuuming until the floors are impeccably clean. This is especially useful for reliable vacuuming even when you are away from home, as it requires the least amount of human intervention. Since it is cordless, the risk of the robotic vacuum cleaner getting stuck or toppling over cords and wires is seriously reduced.

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5. Intelligent operation.
Robotic vacuum cleaners are often loaded with the most advanced technologies that make them very smart gadgets. In addition to its remote operation, scheduling and self-charging capabilities, the robotic vacuum has the ability to scan the area around it, detecting obstacles, edges and even dirt. Once it has detected dirty areas on the floors, it goes back and forth over the dirty floor surface until it is perfectly cleaned. When it comes to obstacle detection, this vacuum is able to avoid hitting onto furniture, walls and other household fixtures. This feature also protects this vacuum cleaner from falling down edges such as stairs. The robotic vacuum cleaner also exhibits intelligence by being able to automatically detect and return to its charging base whenever its battery charge goes low. If your house is very big, especially if it has multiple stories, you may have to set up virtual boundaries for the storey you need vacuumed. By preventing this gadget from crossing these boundaries, this makes it easier for the robotic vacuum to clean your floors safely and effectively, one section at a time. All this intelligent technological provisions are designed to ensure optimal performance as well as the safety of both the user and the vacuum cleaner.

6. Low-profile design.
Robotic vacuum cleaners are known for their compact low-profile design that not only makes storage and portability easier, but also offers better maneuverability. Such a design warrants access of tight spaces such as under furniture and low household fixtures. This makes sure that every spot of your floors is cleaned, including areas that are otherwise not accessible by full-sized vacuums. All this is achieved with zero to very little human intervention. Robotic vacuums also bare a rounded design that makes it easier for them to slide though smaller spaces, and roll off obstacle, thus suffering very gentle impact whenever it bumps onto the obstacle. This reduces any possible damage to the robotic vacuum cleaner by a great deal. In addition to the low-profile design, the robotic vacuum cleaner is very lightweight for easier storage, portability and maneuverability. Speaking of design, for the sake of easier maneuverability, the robotic vacuum usually comes with elaborate wheels that make it easier for it to traverse over diverse kinds of surfaces, especially shag rags and high-profile fiber carpets. Such wheels make sure that the vacuum cleaner does not get stuck onto these small obstacles during vacuum cleaning.

7. Adjustable settings.
Adjustability of settings is everything any user wants for their gadgets. The robotic vacuum cleaner allows for ultimate adjustability on a variety of settings. For instance, the default setting for robotic vacuum cleaners makes most of these vacuums the best robot vacuum for hardwood floors, but with a little tweaking of the settings, you can achieve the perfect vacuuming conditions for other floor surfaces. Most robotic vacuum cleaners usually come with a couple of modes for vacuuming specific areas. For instance, the edge mode is meant for cleaning of edges and crevices, the auto mode is meant for automatic vacuuming of floors, while the carpet mode is designed for safe cleaning of carpeted floors. The robotic vacuum cleaner also applies its intelligence to detect the dirtiest areas of the floor, and adjusts the suction power to a higher level for faster and more effective elimination of the dirt. This makes sure that every section of the floor is vacuum cleaned accordingly for the best results.

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8. Ease of maintenance.
Apart from the fact that a robotic vacuum cleaner requires very little to no human mediation, it also requires very little maintenance. First, given the abundance of technology applied in their manufacture, they are usually made of very high quality materials to prevent them from wearing out easily. This in turn reduces the need for frequent repairs and replacements. Even though they are very durable, there must come a time when you need to repair, replace or upgrade the robotic vacuum cleaner’s parts. This is easily achieved for most of the brands have common replacement parts available in most household supplies stores. Most robotic vacuums usually require only a change of dirt bags and filters, which can be bought online or from vacuum cleaner stores. The batteries used are long lasting and of high quality hence no need for frequent replacement. Furthermore, these robotic vacuum cleaners come with reliable warranties for their parts, as well as money back guarantees for cases where the user is not satisfied by the particular product. Most popular vacuum cleaner stores and manufacturers usually offer these, just to ensure that their customers and buyers have the best experience with their vacuum cleaner investments.

9. Versatility.
Most people that purchase robotic vacuums usually do so for the sake of having their hardwood and bare floors cleaned constantly. However, most of them fail to acknowledge the fact that robotic vacuums are also great at cleaning carpeted floors and areas rags. With different adjustable settings, you will get maximum versatility with your robotic vacuum. Besides the different types of flooring a robotic vacuum cleaner can handle, it also offers versatility in terms of the nature of spaces it can vacuum. For instance, a good robotic vacuum can be used to clean flat floor surfaces as well as crevices and edges. The adjustable modes offered by different vacuums make sure that every section of the floor is left spotless. Its low-profile design is also another feature that makes the robotic vacuum cleaner versatile. In addition to vacuuming the open spaces of the floors, it can also access the hard to reach areas such as under furniture. These features make the robotic vacuum cleaner the ideal vacuum cleaner for any home. You will not actually need to purchase an additional vacuum cleaner for your floors once you have your robotic vacuum cleaner.

10. Virtual boundary detection.
Even though geo-mapping has always been used in coverage of large areas since time immemorial, it has recently found its way into our houses through the robotic vacuum cleaner. Rather than jeopardizing the safety of your robotic vacuum cleaner during cleaning of a floor area that is full of obstacles, edges and multiple rooms, the geo-mapping technology lets you set up virtual boundaries around the areas that you need vacuumed. The robotic vacuum scans the area, precisely detecting all these virtual boundaries that have been set, and the vacuum cannot cross these borders. Not only does this protect the vacuum from damages that may come as a result of falling off stairs and other edges, or bumping onto obstacles, but it also lets you concentrate the vacuuming on spaces that require more attention. All these virtual boundaries can be programmed easily via the respective vacuum’s smartphone app or even some remote controls.

Owning a robotic vacuum cleaner is every homeowner’s dream, but some push it back because of different reasons. Some buyers think that investing in a robotic vacuum is not worth the expense, but this notion is absolutely wrong as evident from the 10 reasons to have a robotic vacuum cleaner that have been discussed here. Others have been made to believe that robotic vacuums are very expensive, which is entirely false, especially in this era where there are more budget-friendly robotic vacuums being manufactured by the day. All you need is your set budget, a little patience and the ability to research the best robotic vacuum cleaner options available in the market. With this in hand, you will not need to go bankrupt trying to own a robotic vacuum, as there are myriad options for every budget.

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