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Top Tips for Teaching Your Kids How to Fly Fish for a Perfect

As a parent, you must come up with an activity that makes it easier to bond with your kids and have a great family time doing it. From camping to hiking, treasure hunting, and many more, each family chooses these activities depending on their preferences. Flyfishing has been a part of me since my dad taught me when I was ten years, and I have also successively taught my son, with whom we go fly fishing for trout.

In this article, I will share some of the tried ways to teach your kids to fly-fish.

Start Simply

In the same way, you start learning a language with simple words; your kids should start learning the basics of fly fishing. Since your kid will be interested in knowing more about the equipment, you can explain how they are used and demonstrate it. For example, you can teach the kid how to load the line, keep it high, and cast it forward without necessarily going to the river.

The next step will be to let them try it and correct them until they learn how far forward and back their rods should go. For example, you can give them a target at different positions and see if they can successfully hit it. Learning these basics early on makes it easier to practice them when they get on the water.

Make it fun

Your kids will most likely gain no interest in fly fishing if you make it too serious. Since kids love playing with insects, activities like catching bugs to use as bait can be more fun to kids than fishing itself. Yelling and clapping when they do something perfectly or catch a fish will also make them want to do it again.

Choose still water for their first fishing lesson.

Since your child has not yet mastered some of the basics of fly fishing, it is advisable to take them to still waters for their first fishing experience. You can choose a nearby open pond or lake and encourage them to cast as far as they can. The lure should be an artificial fly that floats on the water surface to avoid sinking and getting stuck.

Still, water is also a perfect environment to teach your child how to keep a tight line and strike at the right time. You will most probably spend a lot of time unhooking and untangling things, but the experience will grow your kid’s passion for fishing.

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Proceeded to a slightly challenging environment like a nearby stream

Now that your kids have mastered basic skills like how to cast, keeping a tight line, and striking at the right moment, you can proceed to teach them how to sneak up and avoid scaring the fish away. Unlike still water, running water will also help them learn important lessons like how to land a fly on the water and let it drift like a natural insect. If you are lucky enough, your child might have some strikes, providing an opportunity to teach them how to drift.

Let them deal with the tangles

Since you will not always be available to help them out, your kids must also learn how to deal with the tangles, as they are common in fly fishing. Most rivers and streams have a lot of debris moving together with the water. Your line can also get in between the invisible rocks beneath the surface. Teach them to be calm when that happens by also responding calmly when it happens.

Respect their learning pace

Being obsessed with fishing doesn’t mean that your child will have similar interests. Some children can be all in after the first lessons, while others may not show interest until they have experienced the thrill of trout grabbing the bait. Others may not show interest in the actual fishing, but they can be more active in other activities like looking for bugs. If your kid is like this, you can embrace it and ensure that you spend more time in such activities.

Likewise, if your child loves arts and crafts, you can teach them how to make homemade flies. These activities will eventually help them grow their passion for fly fishing as they have to try their creations through fishing.


If you plan to teach your son or daughter fly fishing, the above tips will come in handy. Make sure to check out this website here for some more tips. You can also let us know about other possible means by leaving them in the comments sections. Share this information with other flyfishing enthusiasts if you liked it.

Featured Photo by Vidar Nordli-Mathisen on Unsplash

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