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Tips for Buying Used Golf Clubs

If you’re looking to add to your golf club collection, then you may want to buy used golf clubs to keep costs down. Here are the things that you need to look for, before you go ahead and purchase them!

Buy from a Trusted Retailer

Buying from an individual might be cheaper, but this does come with some risk. There are counterfeit clubs out there and you don’t want to spend a lot of money on these inferior products. If you want to buy used golf clubs then our suggestion would be to buy from a retailer that has a good reputation.

The US Golf Manufacturers Anti-Counterfeiting Working Group report that there are millions of these fake clubs in circulation. They can come from China, where many counterfeit goods are produced, and make their way into the market. An expert retailer will only buy these from trusted groups and will inspect to ensure that they are the real deal.

Look at the Condition

The condition of the clubs should be on your radar, as you look for any nicks or bends that could affect your game. Look really closely at these, as some sellers might try to cover these up with paint or wax. Don’t feel rushed, as you should be able to spend as much time as you like before you decide to purchase.

You can spend a bit of time researching what a new version of the used club looks like too. If you think it has been resealed or any parts covered up, then you will be able to tell if you’ve seen the original.

Consider the Age

There’s a lot of new golf technology that comes out every year and if you want to make sure you’re getting the best, then consider the age of the clubs. Ones that are just a few years newer can have a lot more features and use new technology. Oftentimes, there’s not a massive difference in cost in these, so you may want to consider a newer model.

The Fit

If you’re a bit taller or a bit shorter, then the standard size might not suit you. Within the used clubs market, there are longer and shorter clubs out there – though they might be somewhat harder to find. The weight of the clubs will also come into play, if you find it hard to use a standard size then you may want to find something lighter.

While it’s great to see the club in person, again going online is just a lot more convenient and can be safer. Many of these sellers will let you buy the club and return it if you find flaws or if it’s just not for you. This is a backup that many private sellers won’t allow you however, so bear this in mind.

Buying up used golf clubs can allow you to expand your selection without breaking the bank. Just look out for any fakes or damaged clubs and you’ll be ready to snap these up without any problems.

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