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A lot of us guys play sport, or have played sport in the past, and we know how important being part of a team or playing sport can be to our health. When we are part of a team, we can feel empowered and more confident within ourselves – when we do activities as part of a group it can allow us to feel as if we are part of something and are working with others to achieve a goal. When we also participate in team based sports, it can allow us to make new friends, meet new people, and learn new skills. It is a positive thing to do in our lives. Working together to achieve a goal can feel like a great accomplishment, and can also create special memories which we can look back on fondly. If we do not play team sports, then that is not something to frown upon as we are still taking part in physical activity and improving our mental and physical health. If you take part singularly in a team sport, such as if you go running or swimming on your own, it can be a great way to clear your mind, to keep focused and to also keep fit. If you do take part in sport, on your own, it shows how passionate you are about keeping on top of your fitness and can also create more determination within yourself as you will only be working for yourself, and with yourself, to achieve your targeted goal.

However, when taking part in sport it is important that we look good, as well as feel good, as this can allow us to play well and can make us feel more comfortable and confident when we take part in our chosen sport. For example, if we were to buy a pair of second hand running shorts then they could be damaged or not in the best condition. This could make us feel less determined to carry on with our run, as we may be self conscious that people could judge us that we have not taken the time to fully kit ourselves out in our drive to keep fit. It is the same for any sport. If you play a team sport then you may feel more inclined to invest in the best gear for your needs, as you may feel inadequate compared to other members of your team. For example, if you play soccer there is a whole range of different pieces of kit you can buy ranging from the newest boots, the best shin pads that can protect you, thermals that you can wear under your kit for those cold days and when there is bad weather. If you play a sport like baseball, then there is also a whole range of different pieces of kit. These can include wooden bats for baseball, crotch protectors, gum shields, boots, and baseball gloves. Gloves are an essential piece of kit and you should take the time to do research on the best gloves which can cater for your needs.There are lots of different brands who can supply gloves, and Nokona is one of those brands, and you should check out this blog post on here is why I love Nokona baseball gloves and why you should too, in order to help you make a decision. When picking gloves, take into account the texture, feel, heaviness and protection of them as if you do buy baseball gloves that are not a great fit for you, it can result in injury or niggles which can affect your game.


In any aspect of life, it is important that we take the time to look good and feel good. If we do not feel or look as good as we would like then it can affect our confidence, self esteem and when these two elements are added together it can result in us not doing as well in any areas of our life. We should allow ourselves to wear the outfits that we want, and outfits which will make us feel good about ourselves. We should not allow outside opinions or thoughts affect us so much that we will not wear the outfit that we would like to wear, just because of what people think. It is surprising what an outfit can do to improve our self esteem and confidence, especially if it is an outfit which we have wanted to wear for a while and have felt envious when we have seen other men wearing that outfit well. Even little additions can make a difference, such as if you wear a shirt and tie to work every day, you could buy a different shirt which is a new colour to what you usually wear, and change the tie for a bowtie or even remove the tie from the outfit altogether. When we feel confident, other people will pick up on it and it can make us more attractive, engaging and popular with people.

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Even changes to our physical appearance can make a big difference in the way we feel about ourselves. For example, if you have always wanted to grow a beard but have always felt put off by what other people may think, or whether you think it will suit you, it could be a good idea for you to just go ahead and grow a beard. That way, you will know if it suits you or not and will have done something which you have always wanted to do. If you feel like you need a new haircut, but are unsure of what style would suit you, then you could ask barbers or search online for people with similar features as you, and see what hairstyle they have got. If you do not take the time to put the research in, though, it could have a detrimental effect when you go and get your haircut, only to realise soon after that the new style does not suit you.

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If you feel good and look good, then your life will become more confident and you will become a much happier person.

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