Home Sports Increase Your Shooting Accuracy: Positions Every Hunter Should Know and Master

Increase Your Shooting Accuracy: Positions Every Hunter Should Know and Master

Increase Your Shooting Accuracy: Positions Every Hunter Should Know and Master
Photo by Kony Xyzx from Pexels

Many hunters use various bullets, different shot types, and even choose the best long-range scope for 6.5 Creedmoor but yet fail to achieve 100% shooting accuracy in their shots. Sometimes, the response time is large and allows the target to flee away from the hunting zone. At other times, the shot is inaccurate and wounds the animal. Therefore, one needs to maneuver all the hunting techniques, one of them being the right stance or position.  

Similar to the military, hunting positions matter a lot in shooting accuracy while hiding from the target. So, you need to perfect your poses with practice. In this article, we have described a few basic hunting positions for accurate shooting.  

Standing position/offhand

The standing position is the fastest shooting pose and allows you to view the entire field. Choose this position when the land has large bushes and tall grasses. Experts suggest not doing long-range shooting in this position. For taking multiple shots within a close distance of 50 yards, this hunting position is the best.  

Since stability is a big question mark in the stand position, stand perpendicular to the target with feet apart. Make sure that the scope is in direct line with your vision. Rather than aligning the rifle, move and adjust your position so that the rifle’s nozzle directly aligns with the target.  

Kneeling position 

This is a good position for waist-high cover and long-distance shots. In this position, your dominant knee should be placed on the ground in direct contact while maintaining a perpendicular shape with your less dominant knee. Tuck in the dominant foot under your hips by turning it slightly towards the inward direction, and then sit on the foot’s heel. 

Once done, rest the supportive arm on your less dominant knee by placing the flat part of your hand and not the elbow. This will increase the contact area and result in more stability. The rifle’s butt end should be pressed against your collar bone, while your support arm should be right under the barrel. Even though it allows the hunters to shoot fast, kneeling can bring instability if the position assumed is wrong, even by 0.1%. 

Sitting pose

Photo by Maurício Mascaro from Pexels

If you want more stability, the sitting pose will be the ideal choice. There are two sitting pose variations for shooting accurately.  

  • Open leg position: In this, you will rest all your weight on your hips while sitting with the legs forming a V at your front. Plant your feet on the ground flat and place both the elbows to the inner side of the knees. Press the rifle butt against your dominant shoulders and lower the firing elbow slightly towards the ground. The other hand will act as a support for your rifle.  
  • Crossed ankle position: For this, sit with your ankles crossing each other, and your hips will support your body weight. Bend your knees and set them apart from each other. While crossing the ankles, place the non-firing ankle over the firing ankle. The alignment of the rifle will be the same as the open leg position.  

Prone shooting pose

The prone position is the best as it offers complete body support and allows you to hide from your target’s sight. It offers more stability in your grip. However, to get into the prone position, you will need to prepare a lot. 

First, lie on your stomach while ensuring that you aren’t facing any difficulty in breathing. If that happens, you will get tired soon enough before taking a single shot.  

Next, relax your feet and separate them from each other so that the inside portion makes direct contact with the earth’s surface. The width between legs must be greater than your shoulders.  

Level your shoulders and support your upper torso on your elbows. Wear elbow caps for better support as the grounds can be rough.  


If you master the four shooting positions discussed here, you will surely increase your shooting accuracy. Always decide the position based on your comfort and hunting needs. Besides, you also have to be careful about the environment. This is because standing and kneeling positions are the best for open areas, whereas the prone and sitting positions are for dense forest areas. 

Featured Photo by Kony Xyzx from Pexels

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