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How to Choose the Perfect Football Bet

Go back a decade or so and horse racing would likely have topped the list of sports that people liked to bet on.  But with the rise of high-quality football around the world and the ease which with people can see matches, football betting has risen to match it for many, especially football fans.  Adding a little money to the outcome of a game adds more fun to the experience.  But how do you know what to bet on when there are so many markets?

Getting started

Before you consider placing a bet, make sure you have signed up with a reputable and safe online betting site.  You are looking for one that has top-level security and can protect your sensitive information such as credit card numbers or bank account details.  This is how you move money into the account to place bets.

Also, make sure you are on the version of the website specific to where you live.  For example, if you were betting on Betolimp and you live in South Africa, you would use www.betolimp.co.za.  This makes sure you are covered under your own country’s rules about betting and can bet in your own currency.

Value bets in football

While you can look at simple bets like who is going to win or what the score will be, experienced bettors will look at what is known as value bets.  A value bet is one where the ‘probability of the event happening is greater than the odds imply’ so if someone offered you better than even odds on a single coin toss, you would take it.  After all, the odds on a coin toss is 50-50.

Of course, football is a sport, and this means there are no truly guaranteed results.  Yes, a top Premier League side in the UK should beat a team from three leagues below them who only play the game on a part-time basis.  But upsets or shocks do happen so there are no guarantees.

Finding the value bet

So how do you find the right value bets and increase the chance of you making that winning bet?  Experienced bettors will do research into a lot more than just the odds.  They will look at areas such as injuries – is a top team’s top player injured and does this affect the balance of the team, making them less likely to win?  Are there problems off the field that could affect morale and overall performance?

Placing value bets is about more than just picking a team you think will win.  It is about understanding the game and doing some research which is why it is a popular approach for the dedicated football fan.

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