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How to Make Your Proposal One to Remember

Make Your Proposal One to Remember
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How to Make Your Proposal One to Remember

If you are lucky enough to find the person you want to spend the rest of your life with, you’ll undoubtedly want to have a special and memorable proposal. Your partner’s love is invaluable, so they deserve a picturesque, unforgettable experience that will get your engagement — and eventual marriage — off to a good start. Making a showy display during your proposal doesn’t have to be high pressure or an expensive situation. You can opt for small touches that will add up to create the perfect moment. If you’re looking for tips to make your proposal one to remember and make your future fiancée swoon, read on.  

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Image by Ylanite Koppens from Pixabay

Know they’ll say yes.

This should go without saying, but the number one way to make sure your proposal goes off without a hitch is to ensure that you and your partner are ready to get married. It would be best if you had already spoken to each other about your plans to be together for life. While it may seem simple, knowing your partner will say yes when asked can take a lot of the pressure off you.

Opt for a lab-created diamond engagement ring.

If you want to save a little money on an engagement ring and avoid the potential ethical issues that come from mined diamonds, you may wish to purchase a synthetic diamond with a clean origin from Agape Diamonds. Lab-created gemstones offer conflict-free alternatives to natural diamonds, and you’ll find a diamond ring for your partner that, to the naked eye, is identical to a natural diamond. Lab-created engagement rings come in all the same settings and styles as traditional jewelry, like white gold princess cut or yellow gold round cut.

Choose a location that feels special for both of you.

When it comes to the day of the actual proposal, make sure you choose a location that you both love and feel comfortable in. You may also want to choose a place that is special in the history of your relationship. Many young people were getting engaged to opt to return to the location of their first date or the area where they first admitted they were in love with each other. More mature couples may have a more extensive assortment of memories to choose from when selecting a location. If you draw a blank, you can always choose one of the many picture-perfect locations that are popular among couples on Instagram in recent years. Regardless of where you go, make sure you have the property or business owners’ permission to set your proposal there.

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Hire a video production company to capture your memories in style.

If you want to make sure your engagement event is remembered for years to come, consider hiring someone to record video content that you can either post on social media or keep for your memories. This Los Angeles videography agency knows all the best shots, and their level of video production will far exceed anything your friends could whip up on their cell phones. If your not in the LA area find a similar company in your location. A video production agency will also benefit from being a third party with many years of experience, which means they won’t get as emotional and distracted as a friend might when it comes to capturing the special moment.

Have an excellent plan for immediately after the engagement.

If you want to make the entire day or evening as unique as your partner, and if the engagement itself wasn’t much of a surprise, make sure you plan for some event after the proposal with friends and family. Your fiancée will love celebrating your new engagement with their favorite people which will make your proposal one to remember. It will be a great way to ring in your new life together.

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