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Is Metrosexuality Affecting Your Healthy Lifestyle?

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Even if the world has supposedly moved away from that whole metrosexual trend, it is not true that metrosexual men no longer exist. In fact, they do exist in very large numbers because this men’s style trend is something that truly represents them. Metrosexuals simply like going to salons, having their nails and hair done, all while they’re checking the newest magazines and websites for the latest trends.

A metrosexual is a straight man who, some might say, excessively takes care of himself. There’s nothing wrong with that, but can it become a problem after a while? Can metrosexuality really affect an otherwise healthy lifestyle? In this article, we will be talking about what’s behind this behavior and whether it can impact in any way your life and relationships.

The legend of the metrosexual man

When Sigmund Freud used a young male by the name of Narcissus to portray a personality disorder, not many agreed with his view. And yet, years later, we witnessed the birth of the metrosexual man who shares, if not all the traits of Narcissus, at least the narcissistic part. So, is being a metrosexual a personality disorder? Probably not, at least by today’s standards where everyone needs to look perfect. Things like fashion, magazines, catwalk models, and advertisements pushed the modern man to no longer be at peace with himself. This is how the legend was born.

While metrosexuality may have alienated some individuals from real-life issues that truly matter, metrosexuals are not a different species. Most men like to be groomed and to take care of their appearance for themselves, their partners, or the society. But when does being a metrosexual become a problem? This is a question that definitely needs some answers.

When does metrosexuality become a problem?

Yes, as a metrosexual man, you may be a little bit more effeminate than the older men in your family, but this is not necessarily a bad thing. Modern men no longer think that pampering routines are only for women, as the social norm stated a few decades ago. It’s also very interesting that nowadays, these men tend to cloud the line between male and female. This doesn’t make them homosexuals, as they think of themselves as real men because metrosexuality just validates their masculinity as opposed to making them feel like women. But when does this behavior become too much?

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1. When you start ignoring your partner

Regular visits to beauty salons are no longer taboo when it comes to men. This is probably why the rise of this subculture happened so abruptly. However, metrosexuality can be a problem when you, as a man who loves taking care of himself, start ignoring your partner. It’s a free world, you can do whatever you want, but be careful to not push your loved one’s limits. It becomes a big issue when you no longer have the time to go out together, eat a nice dinner, spend quality time together and finally, when you no longer want your partner in bed.

Being too attracted to yourself not only hurts your partner but in time, it can also hurt your mental wellbeing. Not receiving the attention you want from the person that you’re in a relationship with can break someone. Imagine yourself being the victim because your loved one is too busy going to salons and spas to acknowledge you. You definitely don’t want that.

2. When you start ignoring your daily tasks and job

Another situation when your metrosexuality might get in the way of a normal, healthy lifestyle is when you start ignoring what it needs to get done on a daily basis. This doesn’t only involve daily chores or your job, but normal things, like visiting your family. Apart from not spending enough time with your partner, skipping your job or not taking care of normal tasks is the surefire way to an unhappy life.

Keeping your metrosexuality under control is crucial in such cases. Nobody says that it’s wrong to regularly visit salons, but when this becomes your life, there’s a problem. You might also start skipping a gym session or a healthy meal to pamper yourself or go to the barbershop. This is a big mistake, especially if you want to have a healthy and balanced lifestyle. So, establish certain periods of time for these routines while leaving the other parts of your life intact.

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3. When this subculture becomes an obsession

The subculture of metrosexuality is widespread right now. Part of the reason for this is the publicity that numerous male celebrities like Brad Pitt, David Beckham, or George Clooney get. These stars promote stereotypes that men tend to follow because they think that’s how they should look. This is also true for women. Hollywood and fashion magazines represent the reason why so many men resort to Botox injections, eyelid procedures, or other cosmetic interventions which offer them reassurance from a physical point of view.

Also, according to official numbers, many men are most dissatisfied with their abdomen all because of these glossy magazines and surreal standards. So, metrosexuality is a big problem when it becomes an obsession. Not doing anything else but looking through magazines and blogs and following the biggest celebrities is not healthy for anyone. So, as a man, if you often find yourself doing that, stop it! Real life is not in those pages but in front of your eyes.

4. When you start loving yourself more than you love others

Finally, being a metrosexual man is nothing wrong if it makes you feel validated and safe. However, it can be a big problem when you start loving your own person more than you love other people in your life, like your family. Staring at your reflection in the mirror 24/7 won’t get you anywhere if it deprives you of any important things in life. This doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t be the most important person in your life, but just don’t overdo it!

Your family and friends will always be there to support you through thick and thin, so it would be nice of you to show some gratitude. When your metrosexuality overcomes the need of being close to these people, you have an issue that needs solving. Try talking to a therapist and see what you can fix before it is too late. A perfectly healthy lifestyle shouldn’t have to suffer because of an obsession.

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All in all, it seems that the men’s style trend of metrosexuality is far from over, and it’s truly nothing wrong with that if it makes some men feel good about themselves. However, when it starts interfering with your healthy lifestyle and forcing you to lose friends, relationships, and even money, things become serious. Nobody says that a man shouldn’t pamper himself from time to time, but he should definitely not ignore urgent and important things in his life just to visit a salon. A modern man should find a balance between his metrosexuality and the daily life outside of it. Once a balance is reached, all things should be in order.

Author Bio: Mike Jones is a Boston-based health and beauty writer. His work is featured mostly on Sound Body Life, but he usually contributes to multiple authoritative websites on the web. Through his writing, Mike constantly encourages everyone to embrace the healing power of nature. Follow Mike on Twitter @mike_jones35.

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