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You Are What You Drink

Cocktails. Libations. The “hard stuff.” Whatever you call alcohol, chances are that you have a favorite, go-to beverage when you’re out with friends, kicking back after work, or schmoozing at the office holiday party.

But what does that favorite drink say about you? As it turns out—a lot.

Four Loko recently surveyed 2,000 people to see what people liked to drink, and found out that your drink of choice can predict a lot about how you vote, where you live, and even how much you likely earn. The main goal of the survey was to see if consumer’s drink of choice showed more about their personality traits than just their alcohol preference.

Some of the results were very surprising and some of the results confirmed common drinking stereotypes (men prefer beer 82% and women prefer wine 80%).  Of the more surprising results (flavored malt beverage is the #1 preferred drink at home, 71% of tequila drinkers are millennials and vodka is the least popular drink with millennials).

Here’s a more in depth summary of what we found out about the people who drink all our favorite alcoholic beverages:

Are your first words to the bartender, “Gin and tonic, please”? Based on our survey results, you, my friend, are most likely a Democrat who lives in or around the mountains. You’re also a thinker who would likely describe this gin as “elegant,” and who makes $30–$50,000 per year (probably using that brilliant mind of yours, of course). You are also likely to consume gin at your favorite local watering hole as the drink is most commonly enjoyed at bars.

But what if you prefer to chase down a flavored malt beverage at the end of a particularly horrible week? Chances are, you’re a healthcare professional located in the Midwest or the Southwest who prefers to do his drinking at home. Interestingly, the words most associated with an epic party featuring a flavored malt beverage were hot tub, game, and strip—not too shabby for one evening. Interestingly enough the survey data found that women were 62% more likely to pick flavored malt beverage as their drink of choice.

As for the men who said they were champagne drinkers? We’ve found that they’re probably a single, advertising or marketing professional in the Southwest who likes to get his drink on at a dinner party—AKA the 21st century version of Jay Gatsby. This person might also be found sharing a bottle of bubbly with the ladies, as drinkers of champagne are three times more likely to be female. Champagne drinkers were best described as being elegant.

If you’re up for a round of tequila shots, you’re not just the life of the party—you’re also probably a Millennial in the Southwest who votes as an Independent. We’d guess that you’re someone who works in the field of construction who likes to cut loose with some tequila, preferably at a house party. And if that tequila party just so happened to be described as “epic,” then some of the words associated with it would be costume and sex. (Sounds pretty epic to us as well.)

If hard cider is your nightcap of choice, then we might pin you down as a West coast millennial who self-identifies as an introvert. But this drink, which our respondents described as “understated,” is also associated with an epic party that involves the words weird, Vegas, and wedding—so maybe you just need someone to tap into that party animal you’ve got inside you?

Do you prefer the taste of rum over any other alcoholic beverage? We’d bet you’re a Gen X-er who lives in the Northeast and works in the real estate business. We’d also wager that while you’re sipping on that Mai Tai, you’re fantasizing about an epic party at the pool or maybe the beach on vacation, miles away from that blistering winter you’re having.

And whether you like it neat, on the rocks, or with a little bit of soda to top it off, if you love whiskey, you’re in good company—men are 78% more likely to pick whiskey as their drink of choice. Whiskey lovers, as it turns out, are a lot of guys who work in manufacturing who earn $30–$50,000 per year. As we found from our survey, whiskey parties are probably a bit more quiet and contemplative than parties associated with other types of alcohol: You’ll probably find these whiskey connoisseurs enjoying their hooch in manly destinations like a tent or a cabin (their reward for wrestling a bear or an alligator, of course).

What about the vodka drinkers? This alcohol, described by our respondents as “sexy,” won’t likely be enjoyed by someone young—or at least they won’t be a millennial. But they might likely be an extroverted lawyer who enjoys drinking vodka at a club or a house party.

If you can taste the difference between an Argentinian Malbec or a French Malbec (we get it; you love wine), then we’d peg you as a Baby Boomer who votes Republican and works in HR. And although you may really enjoy your yearly trips to Napa so you can talk to your favorite winemaker, nobody in our survey associated wine with any sort of epic night.

And last but not least, if your favorite alcohol experience involves a brewskie—whether it’s straight out of the fridge on a Friday night or at a craft brewery downtown—our survey indicates that you’re a “doer” who might likely work in insurance. Although beer drinkers get a bad rap as being less intelligent or sophisticated, they’re most often consumed by drinkers who earn $100,000 per year and who self-identify as “outdoorsy.”

As you can see from the survey results your drink of choice can show a lot about your personality traits than you might realize. Do you find these results to be accurate with your personality traits or are you an outlier?

you are what you drink - You Are What You Drink

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