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Up your Wine Game

Wine Celler
Photo by Francesco Ungaro on Unsplash

Knowing your wines is a good mark of a gentleman. After all, one cannot live on beer alone.

Up your drinking game a little bit more. So you are a beer expert, and you’ve started taking a liking to scotch and whiskey. However, for men, wine seems to be left in a grey area. While the pop culture stigma makes wine a bit feminine, this is complete nonsense. Wine does not pick genders. You pair it with food and occasions. It would most likely be more consumed than other alcoholic drinks as it goes with your dining experience. That’s why knowing a bit about it makes you look incredibly impressive.

Places to Imbibe Wineries of the World
Photo by Eva Fan on Unsplash

So what do you start with? Start with knowing pairings. What goes with a paella? What about a ribeye steak? Level it up by knowing different cuisines and their according best pairings. Fortunately, Hard to Find Wines have prepared an amazing interactive map of pairings that will teach you a thing or two.

If you liked that and learned a lot, the next important thing to do, which is also the best part, is to go and get yourself cooking and drinking. Trust me, even without you wanting to, girls will start wanting to come back to your place.

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