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The health benefits of adding herbal tea to your diet

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Some people are fans of fruit and herbal teas because they know they are fashionable at present, while others believe they have almost magical properties and will cure practically anything. While fruit teas such as apple, rosehip and orange have a refreshing taste, whether in a hot drink or in an iced tea, it is herbal varieties of tea that are known to have the most therapeutic benefits. Here is a quick guide to the benefits that herbal teas can bring to your diet, whether you’re trying to improve your general health and wellbeing or aiming to lose weight.

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Photo by Anshu A on Unsplash

Plant life

Good quality herbal tea is made from real leaves, not synthetic ingredients, as is often the case with fruit teas. We all know that plants, especially vegetables and fruits, play an important part in our diet, and in the same way herbal plants provide flavor for food or can be eaten in their own right. Many herbs are also used in medicines and perfumes.

As with fruits and vegetables, different herbs have different properties, and teas made from their leaves or flowers supply you with a variety of nutritional elements, including vitamins and minerals. For example, bilberry fruit has excellent antioxidant properties, and bilberry tea made from the leaves or the fruit has been used to assist people with diabetes to control their blood sugar levels. This makes the tea ideal if you are on a weight loss program as it can help to balance your blood sugar levels and reduce cravings for sweet things.

Dieting to lose weight doesn’t have to be dull and boring, and sometimes simple solutions will work wonders. If you decide to introduce herbs and herbal teas to your diet, just be sure to check out the FAQ of any product you are considering using so that you can be sure they are suitable and won’t interfere with any medications you may be taking.

Do it yourself

Integrating herbal teas into your diet is relatively easy as many retailers sell herbal teabags, though it’s much more fun to make your own teas at home, as long as you make sure you are using the right herbs. To aid sleep, for example, infuse chamomile flowers, or to make one of the traditional cures for a cold, select the white flowers from the elder tree or thyme.

Raspberry leaf tea is full of minerals and vitamins and is thought to be a great healer. It is often associated with increased fertility and pain relief during labor, as well as positive effects during pregnancy and nursing. It must be said that there is no scientific basis for these claims, which are based on anecdotal evidence only; however, it tastes delicious and you might want to infuse a few leaves to try it for yourself.

Herbs and herbal tea, or tisane, are generally good for you. There are one or two plants that it’s best to avoid; however, on the whole, including herbal tea in your diet and reducing your intake of coffee and thus caffeine will make you feel better and promote good health.

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