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Fantastic Global Feasts Fit For A Gentleman

Man and food. Man versus food. Man loves food… you get the picture. As gentlemen, the thought of going a day without food on our dinner plates is simply terrifying. Who could even suggest such a thing?

Food glorious food. The inspiration behind our master chef miracles. The reason we are first to the dinner table every day. Most importantly, it is our survival fuel. Without food, is there any point in even getting out of bed?

As gentlemen, we need finesse and variety. That’s why a global menu will always trump what’s on offer down at your local chippy.

Now it’s time for those fantastic global feasts… forks and knives at the ready?

Irresistible Italian Cuisine

Food is one of the cornerstones of Italian culture. The attention to detail with their dishes is simply sublime. The quality on an Italian dish is defined by variety, tradition and creativity.

Taking all forms and shapes in an Italian kitchen, such innovation can produce appetising wonders. These include Tuscan Panzanella, Genoese pasta and polenta.

Tempting Thai Delight

Balance, detail and variety. Three factors that are essential to a five-star formality on a Thai menu. Many tourists book holidays in Thailand to discover their food fantasies. Each dish provides a complex interplay of different fundamental tastes. These tastes include sour, salty, bitter, sweet and spicy.

Famous for its dishes of noodles and rice, Thai dishes come prepared with strong aromatic components and a spicy edge.

Inescapable Indian Heaven

Encompassing a wide range of regional and traditional Indian dishes, Indian cuisine is simply put incredible. Heavily influenced by religious and cultural traditions, Indian food is always constantly evolving.

Utilising local herbs, spices and vegetables, Indian cuisine comes in several forms. These include Puducherry, Sindh and much more.

Delicious Chinese Dishes

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Chinese cuisine is defined by diversity. Its rich history stretches back thousands of years changing according to climate and fashion. Staple foods of Chinese cooking are rice, noodles and vegetables.

To elaborate further, China has eight famous cuisines. These include Anhui, Cantonese, Fujian and Hunan. Further cuisines such as Jiangsu, Shandong, Sichuan and Zhejiang are also amazing.

Mouth-watering Moroccan Meals

Moroccan cuisine is marvellous in many aspects. Influenced by the country’s interactions with other nations, Moroccan food is quite varied. Combining Mediterranean, Arabic and Berber elements, there is no way you can turn down this flavoured formula!

Arguably Morocco’s most famous delicacy is couscous. Beef is considered to be the most popular red meat consumed. Both chicken and lamb are regular dishes too.

Tremendous Japanese Tradition

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Developed through centuries of social and economic change, Japanese cuisine is unique and satisfying. Traditional food in Japan is based on rice with miso soup. Side dishes tend to include fish and pickled vegetables.

One of Japan’s most popular cuisine essentials has been sushi. Not only a go-to selection here, sushi is one of the most in-demand tastes of the world.

With a limitless selection of the world’s finest cuisine at your fingertips… we say get stuck in!

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