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Cook Like A Man

If there’s one day for a man to get in the kitchen and do some damage, it is this weekend. And I’m not talking about developing delicate flavours using drops of truffle oil and herbs. I’m talking about the type of cooking where you want your dinner to hit you full in the face, where you are using your best judgement to determine how much hot sauce you can use without hurting yourself or ruining the food. I say best judgement because most likely if you are cooking this Sunday it will be on the wrong side of a six-pack. The good news of cooking under the influence is that you will have the courage required to go outside in the cold and use your barbecue. I’ve always viewed the Superbowl as an excuse to bring out the most ostentatious recipes, cooking animal loins to stir the loins of your hungry friends, using open fires in the evening snow to smoke meat and boil lobster, the more outrageous the cooking the better. Let’s face it, would we rather be eating cardboard box pizza and bagged pork rinds?

At my local butcher I have noticed the appearance of ground Buffalo and Lamb, which has inspired me to make home made Burgers this year. Across the street is my local baker, where I can get full sized sourdough loaves, the ones that are round and 12 inches across. This is arranged marriage at its finest. The trick to making a good homemade burger is balancing the meaty flavours with your seasonings, and making the patties gooey enough that you can pound them thin and still have them hold their shape. This is my usual recipe:

2 pounds of ground meat, mix as many kinds as you can get

2 eggs

Finely diced whole onion

Fined diced cloves of garlic

Worchestershire and Hotsauce

Salt, Pepper, Spices

1 cup Breadcrumbs, add more if needed for consistency

In this case, I pound the burgers into patties large enough to full the full sourdough loaf. I can only fit 4 of these on my barbecue at a time, maybe I need a bigger one? You probably shouldn’t cook from this frame of mind everyday. This weekend, however, it is mandatory.

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