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Ever Thought About Making Your Own Sausages? Here’s How!


Thriving as an adult is no easy feat. From the stacks of bills to pay to the many work obligations to the stolen moments for self care, it can be tricky to balance it all without having a total meltdown. And while socializing is an important and exciting part of adulthood, it can be a tricky scene to navigate without the proper tools and knowledge.

A fail-safe way to impress guests no matter the occasion? Putting together a great spread of snacks for a get together. And no menu is complete without charcuterie. Here, we’ll go through some key tips of making your own sausage that will wow your guests and have them raving about your party for weeks.

sliced Sausages - Ever Thought About Making Your Own Sausages? Here’s How!

Choose the Right Meat

A major flaw of many home chefs is spending hours on end searching for the perfect recipe to make sausages instead of investing time in finding the perfect meat. After all, the real star of any good quality sausage at the end of the day is the meat.

There are many routes you can go with your creation, and the meat you choose should reflect the flavor profile of the type of cheeses and other foods you’ll be serving. Most common are lamb, beef, and pork. And while all are fine choices, the most important part of selecting the ideal meat for your sausage is getting it from a respectable place. Visit your local butcher or go to the farmer’s market. Look for fatty meats to give your sausage that full-mouth feel and savory deliciousness.

Grind Away

Once you select your meat, the next big question is how you want to approach grinding. And while old-timey, hand-crank grinders are fun, they are far less efficient than modern electric grinders.

Choosing a standing mixer is a great option for beginners and is also versatile in terms of what other delicious creations you can make with it. With a standing mixer, use the grinder attachment and let the work be done for you. This way, you can focus on perfecting your flavors instead of doing all the work manually.

Mix-Ins to Impress

This is where your creativity can really shine through. There are so many diverse ranges of sausages that are found across the culinary landscape, and most countries and regions around the world have different approaches and preferences to technique and ingredients. Experiment and see what works best for you!

This is the moment when searching the web for a great recipe is worth your time. For a classic Italian sausage, try combining pork with red wine vinegar, fennel, parsley, paprika, and other spices to taste. And don’t forget to always chill the meat before grinding to retain that characteristic fatty marbling effect that everyone loves in sausage.

Stuffing Made Simple

The final, but no less important, step to making a great sausage is the process of stuffing. Casings are sometimes hard to find, but you can almost always rely on your local butcher shop to have them on hand.

There are different ways to go about stuffing your sausage, but for almost all of the methods you’ll want a best sausage stuffer on the market to achieve the desired result. Depending on your needs, you could opt for a motorized stuffer or go with a manual variety. Both can do a stellar job, but a manual stuffer is better for smaller batches. Assess your needs then choose your equipment accordingly.

Once you have the tools you need and a basic knowledge of the process, there’s no reason you’ll ever need to serve store-bought sausages again! It might become your new go-to home cooking dish.

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