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Five Ways to Ensure Sliding Glass Door Privacy

Sliding Glass Door Privacy
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Five Effective Ways to Ensure Sliding Glass Door Privacy

Sliding glass doors have gained tremendous popularity in urban areas. Most modern-day spaces – be it homes, offices, or restaurants – are fitted with these stylish and secure doors. Sliding glass doors make the spaces highly insulated, well lit, and secure. These glass fittings amplify the ambiance of indoor settings and provide sliding glass door privacy

While they look super cool and offer several benefits, people often complain that they feel somewhat overexposed due to them. These are mainly a hindrance to privacy in neighborhoods where houses are constructed on top of each other. However, this problem can be avoided with some smart tactics. Let us acquaint you with some effective sliding glass door privacy options:

Stylish Fabric Blinds

Fabric blinds are quite the flavor of the season. These are available in different kinds of fabrics, including cotton, silk, and polyester, among others. The ones in thicker fabric and darker shades are apt for maintaining privacy. You will find them in a wide variety of colors and patterns to match different interiors. For instance, the plain ones are an excellent choice for an office setting, while ones with a quirky design can be apt to enhance the appeal of your teenage kid’s room.

Vertical Vanes

Vertical vanes look elegant and stylish. They do not just offer privacy but also ensure adequate light control. If your house is sun facing and you need protection from the harmful UV rays in addition to providing privacy, then this one is a good option for you.

Window Films

Window films are a great option to ensure complete privacy. You must opt for those in darker shades, such as black and navy blue for this purpose. The frosted ones provide night time privacy too. However, the downside of this glass door privacy option is that it will bar ambient light. Besides, you wouldn’t be able to enjoy the outside view even when you would want to.

Draperies and Curtains

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If you don’t want to tamper with the glass, then opting for draperies and curtains is a great alternative when it comes to seeking glass door privacy. The ones in thick fabric offer the desired privacy.

The choices are limitless when it comes to curtains. The market is full of options with a wide variety of choices to choose from. The best part is that curtains can be drawn effortlessly. These are also easy to maintain as well as replace.

Bamboo Blinds

If you love that earthy, old-world ambiance, then bamboo blinds are an excellent option for you. To ensure privacy, it is best to go for bamboo blinds with fabric liner. In case you do not find one with a fabric liner, you can add this layer on your own with just a few simple steps.

We hope you like the aforementioned ideas to cover your glass doors. These options will not only ensure privacy but also enhance the appeal of your apartment and add style to your home decor. In addition to these, various other kinds of blinds are also available in the market. So, it is a good idea to do thorough market research before choosing an option.

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