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How to Get the Best Price for Your Old Car

Whether you are selling your car to accommodate your expanding family, moving to a new city with alternative transportation, saving for that stylish new sport’s car, or just looking for some extra cash, selling your car is always an ordeal.  If you want to sell your car for the highest price possible, there are a few simple things you must do beforehand.  If you follow these tips, you will get the best price for your old car.

Know the Value of Your Car

Not sure what your car is worth?  Finding the current value of your car is easy, and often does not take a lot of time.  The simplest resource to use is Kelley Blue Book.  You may also want to visit a dealer and a mechanic, who can give you a rough estimate of what you can make on your vehicle.  Take note that when you visit a dealer, the dealer is going to offer you the lowest possible price in order to make a profit.  A mechanic will be able to estimate what you may get after the cost of repairs.

Get Your Car Repaired and Cleaned


Nobody wants to buy a dirty clunker.  It is time you clean and repair your car so that it is in tip top shape for your buyer.  Take a good look at your car.  How long as it been since it was thoroughly cleaned?  Do yourself a favor and take it to a car wash service that will clean both the inside and outside.  Clean every crevice to appeal to your buyers.  In addition, you need to make any needed repairs.  Be sure all of the essentials, such as the engine, are in perfect working order.  You may also make minor repairs such as fixing the air conditioning or the window mechanism.  If you do so, you may see an increase in the amount you can profit from.

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Analyze Your Market

Now you know the value of your car.  Now what?  You must take a look at your car and consider which market it will sell best to you.  Will your car best suit families, young students, or high-rollers who are looking for sports cars?  When you determine who you are marketing to, you may get a better idea of how and what you can list your car for.  Compare your price to prices of similar cars in your area.  It is wise that you price competitively so that you can get the best deal quickly.

Decide Your Lowest Price

After you have done all of the above, you can finally settle on a price.  Your price is almost exclusively dependent on the current value of the car, the shape the car is in, and the current market in your area and nationally.  In order to negotiate a price, you must consider how much time you are willing to take to look for the perfect buyer.  If you are trying to sell your vehicle quickly, you may have to settle for a lower bid.  If you are willing to bide your time, however, you have a higher likelihood of gaining a buyer who will purchase it for at or around your market price.  This is a good time to learn some essential terminology.  For example, a firm listing is one that is a solid price, implying that it will accept little negotiation.  However, an OBO listing shows that you are willing to negotiate somewhat on the price of your car.  Always present potential buyers with a history report of your car, from purchase date, to oil changes, and to every repair or accident your vehicle incurred.  By doing so, you will be more able to be prepared with a price negotiation.

Attract Buyers

Now it is time to appeal to potential buyers.  Choose whether you want to sell privately on your own, on a site such as Craigslist or even Facebook.  Alternatively, you can also sell to a car buyer.  A car buyer is less likely to negotiate, but they will give you an offer with little to no questions asked.  This is a perfect option if you want to sell your car quickly to a reputable buyer.  Keep in mind that if you want to sell your car by yourself, you will want to ensure that your candidates are trustworthy and are willing to pay based on the payment method you prefer.

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