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Cool As A Cucumber And Safe As Houses: The Guide To Making Your Car Trendy And Safe

In the world of the aspiring gentleman, having a car that generates enough conversation (and jealousy) is akin to being able to have enough money to buy your own island. The topic of keeping your car as safe as it can be is usually relegated to the fatherly magazines and how-to blogs. Cool or trendy, and safe or precautious are words that never go together. It doesn’t seem right. But you shouldn’t compromise your car safety for style. Crashes in 2010 totaled 5,419,000. 30,296 of them were fatal. And they are only increasing more and more. Let’s get down to ways to give your car a makeover that ticks the safety boxes.

The Belts

Let’s start here, don’t touch them! It’s as simple as that. They are there for your safety. And amazingly there are people that still think that they don’t need to wear seatbelts. If you need to adjust your belt, stop the car first.

The Sounds

I’m sure it’s tempting at a certain age to have a massive sound system in your trunk blasting out big “choons,” but listening to loud music while driving is a major cause of losing control. Not only that, but your hearing will seriously take a battering. What’s the alternative? Use your mobile phone and plug that into the car. You can still get a good volume from the phone, and it will be a lot less distracting. Just don’t use it while driving!

The Smells

I hope that you have managed to get rid of your compulsion to go through the late night drive-thrus. It’s one of the big causes of a bad smell lingering in your car. Keeping on top of the odor in the car is one of those things that is a must. You know when you go into someone else’s home, and you think it smells bad? They don’t notice, but you do. Get some car smells to keep your interior smelling more like an ocean and less of Eau de burger.

The Lamps

c - Cool As A Cucumber And Safe As Houses: The Guide To Making Your Car Trendy And Safe

The art of maintaining your car can make you compelled to change the color of your headlamps, especially if you have expendable income. It isn’t illegal, but it can be a big impact when it comes to your visibility. It all depends on where you drive. If you do a lot of long journeys along poorly lit country roads, you will need your wits about you, especially if you decide to change your headlamps to a dark blue color!

The Windscreen

Upgrading your car performance parts is a combination of style versus substance. This applies to something as important as the windscreen. Having a lot of distractions on your windscreen is asking for trouble.

While these pointers should be anathema to the aspiring gentleman, there are always temptations to turn your car into a super machine that looks amazing and has all the mod cons. However, there are limits! Which reminds me, obey the speed limits, and don’t even bother getting the bouncy car thing!

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