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What To Wear and How to Prepare for A Casino Night

What To Wear and How to Prepare for A Casino Night
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A casino has a special effect on a person. It attracts people with its bright signs, loud music, bohemian atmosphere, and the sound of coins. Some go here hoping to win huge money and finally become rich. Others just want to have fun and feel part of the notorious high society. Whatever the reason a person will visit a casino, the first encounter with this kind of place naturally raises some excitement. After all, gambling houses work by special rules and are not unlike other establishments.

This article will dive a little deeper into the casino dress code topic and learn how to dress for a casino night. Of course, we are not talking about online casinos, where everyone can deposit to an account remotely, and you don’t need to think about what to wear to a casino, but about land-based clubs.

All at the highest level

Luxury casinos have exaggerated requirements for guests:

  • Women should wear an evening gown, heeled shoes and do a good job on their hair and makeup. 
  • A tuxedo or strict pinstripe suit with elegant shoes and coiffed hair is ideal for men. Neatness in your appearance is always welcome.

Prestigious establishments, which usually are visited by solid and wealthy players, put up such conditions. This is what the image of the casino is based on. Owners of elite gambling houses work at a loss if they accept visitors with an average income. At the expense of high-paying players and large bets, a high level of service is ensured. Accordingly, a strict dress code is mandatory.

Optimal requirements for the dress code of players

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But wealthy people are not the only target audience for casinos. Middle-class gambling clubs welcome ordinary guests with open arms. New and unpromoted casino owners do not reach competitors and reduce the dress code requirements. The important condition is a neat appearance and an adequate state of mind. Most casinos create a statute that spells out the optimal dress code for visitors:

  • Clean and fresh clothing. This is the basis of appearance. To not ruin other people’s time in the casino, you must follow this rule and look neat.
  • Elegance. Here it does not matter what brands of clothes, shoes or perfume you prefer. The point is to look elegant. Remember that you can be cheap but tasteful?
  • Classic shoes. The shoes are what people judge a man by. A man should wear strict shoes, matching his suit. Do not forget that the socks are matched to the color of the pants, not the shoes! And for the woman, there should be heels. It will be better if you wear neat pumps. Visitors do not care what store you bought them in, as long as you look clean and well-groomed.
  • Accessories. The right little things complete the image. But if you come without a Rolex watch or diamond earrings from a world-famous jeweler, no one will kick you out of the casino. Just keep an eye on the combination of your clothes and accessories.
  • Sobriety and adequacy. You will get the respect of the establishment and its visitors a hundred percent! Yes, the casino provides alcohol, most often at the expense of the establishment, and immodest show programs. But security guards at the entrance monitor the behavior and condition of the guests and do not let the rowdy people in.

Interesting is that the dress code in casinos differs from country to country. And now for more details about that:

Dress code in European casinos

Those who have already visited casinos in Europe are convinced that the dress code here is very sensitive. The very visit to this establishment equates it to a secular event. So if you decide to visit the Baden-Baden Casino, the Grand Casino in Barcelona, or the Hilton in Budapest, be prepared to see chic, high-status guests. 

U.S. casino dress code

The casino dress code in America cannot be called too strict because often, in casino halls, you can find players wearing cowboy hats, shirts with rolled-up sleeves, and jeans. As for women, they often visit U.S. gambling establishments in cocktail dresses. But it should be noted that you still need to pay attention to the status of the casino, as well as the time of day when you want to visit it. Сause let’s face it, if you come to the casino in the morning or afternoon and you’re wearing a casino night outfit, you will look weird, to say at least.

Casino’s dress code in Eastern countries

Casinos in Eastern countries, without exaggeration, can be called peculiar. For example, casinos in Macau accept only an elite audience, so here you will not meet a player in plain clothes. The women in the casinos of Eastern countries always wear expensive and elegant jewelry, which emphasizes their image very harmoniously.

But when it comes to dressing code for casino theme parties, here’s where your imagination and the Internet will help you make great choices. It can be a Casino Royale theme, a Harlem-style party can be crazy 70’s casino costumes, or something from a 1920’s casino with the age of jazz, Prohibition, and smuggled alcohol. 

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And at the end, it is necessary to note one important point – no matter what option you choose, whether it’s permissive Las Vegas or sophisticated Monte Carlo, you should remember just one ancient wisdom that it’s not the place that makes the man, but man the place.

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