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Unique Experiences Any Guy Would Love To Try

There is a saying that says that the best thing to spend money on is experiences. Rather than goods or other things of that nature, spending money on experiences means that you are essentially buying happy memories – and what could ultimately be more valuable than that? Of course, not all experiences are made equal, and if you are looking for something to try with your buddies in this coming year, then you will want to compare a lot in order to find the right one. In this post, we are going to give you a helping hand by going through some of the best experiences that any guy would love to try. Ask around with your mates and see if anyone wants to give these a go.

Stadium Tour

If you have a favourite team in common with your pals, then taking a stadium tour might be just about the best thing you could do as a group. These tours are available for pretty much every team, and they tend to be whole day-long experience packages with plenty included in the price. The price, too, is not often all that bad, so you might just feel that this is a worthwhile and valuable experience on the whole. If you’re lucky, you might even end up meeting some of your favourite players.


In the grand scheme of things, paintball is not all that old, but it is an activity that has grown in popularity rapidly since it first came into being. Nowadays, there is hardly anyone who has not been to paintball at least once in their life. If you have not been for a long time, the why not dust off your paintball guns and try your hand at the modern spot once again? And if you are looking for something of a twist on the traditional style of paintball, remember that these days there are plenty of spin-off options available too. One of the most popular is zombie paintball, a game in which you and your friends team up to shoot the passing undead. If that sounds like something you’d be interested in, take a look at http://www.thepaintballprofessor.com/zombie-paintball/ for more information.

b - Unique Experiences Any Guy Would Love To Try

Flight Lessons

Who doesn’t want to fly? The fact is, this is something that everyone has thought about at some point or another. Learning to fly sounds like a dream, but the fact is that it is actually now relatively inexpensive to do. There are a huge amount of flight schools out there today, so you definitely won’t be at a loss for finding one. And what better way to compete with your pals than by seeing who makes the better pilot? This is one of those experiences that doesn’t come around all that often, but make the most of it and you could come out the other side a changed man. What’s more, you might just have discovered your new career path. Take your friends for a flying lesson today, and it’s one day you will never forget. You can find flight lessons at www.buyagift.co.uk/.

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