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Four Smart Insider Tips for a Trip to Las Vegas

Las Vegas
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Here Are Four Smart Insider Tips for A Trip to Vegas

Travel guides for Las Vegas are useful. They’ll tell you where to find the best restaurants and cocktails, and provide plenty of tips on other things too. If you haven’t been before, we would advise you to read a few travel guides – and look beyond TripAdvisor. However, many guides can also be a little flat. Indeed, they can almost have a corporate feel to them. We’ll give you the skinny on the tips for a trip to Las Vegas that will provide memories for a lifetime. 

There are things to consider beyond seeing the Bellagio Fountains or Cirque du Soleil – things that do not appear in the average guide. We aren’t just talking about tourist attractions, but a frame of mind to have on your trip. Below we are going to provide four tips for a trip to Las Vegas. These are going to be ‘outside the box’ thoughts based on experience. You can make your own rules for your trip to Vegas, but consider what we have to say on this variety of subjects.  

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Do Your Partying in Vegas, Not During the Trip

“Vegas, Baby!”. So, it goes. Whether you are on a road trip or transatlantic flight to Sin City, there is a temptation to get the party started early. You can understand the attraction: The imagery from movies like the Hangover and Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas has drilled into us that the debauchery starts en route to the destination. Should it? Getting hammered before you arrive in Las Vegas means you run the risk of missing out on the fun when you get there. 

Nightclub security staff won’t let you through the door if you look like you’ve had a skinful, and there is also the chance that you don’t make it out of the hotel room. An air steward once remarked on the topic to us on a plane when dealing with a bunch of drunken frat boys during an early morning flight: “They spend 1000s of dollars on a trip of a lifetime, and they won’t make it to the clubs tonight. I’ve seen it many times before.”.  

Get Yourself a (Trustworthy) Fixer

If you are going to Vegas for a party, be prepared to pay. A good table and a few bottles of liquor in a nightclub or a pool party? That’s going to set you back a few thousand dollars. This is where the role of a fixer comes in. Say, for example, it cost $2500 for a table and bottle service at OMNIA Nightclub (Caesars Palace). A fixer might get the same table for half that price – it’s their job to do so. Moreover, they will get you past the long queues and deal with issues with picky security staff. 

The cost of a fixer? A good tip – an excellent tip. $500 is not uncommon for the service we mentioned above. However, be wary that there are good fixers and bad fixers, so talk to your concierge and see if they can recommend someone. It’s a part of Vegas that guides rarely talk about, but you are hiring a tour guide who can open various doors around the city. 

Be Smart About Playing Casino Games

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Yes, you can get free drinks in a casino when you are playing on the tables. But we raise an eyebrow at the word “free” here. The table limits in the major hotel on The Strip can be pricey. It’s challenging to find blackjack tables with $5 or $10 minimums, and $25 is much more common. If the average blackjack game takes less than a minute, well, you can do the math. All the free whiskey sours in the world won’t make up for the potential losses in a session. 

Even if you enter the casino a little bleary-eyed, you can be smart about it. Do some research before you go. For instance, you should always choose European roulette over American because the former has better odds. You practice by playing European roulette online before you go, meaning you can come up with betting strategies that you can stick to in Las Vegas. Above all, though, set yourself limits before you hit the casino floor. You can take cash only, leaving credit cards in your room. That way, you won’t spend more than what you have in your pocket. 

Get Off The Strip

You will probably stay on The Strip during your trip to Vegas. It’s the logical choice to be in the center of the action. Moreover, it’s relatively cheap to book a plush hotel room in some of the world’s most famous resorts. The Strip is fine; as such, but it smacks of that corporate feel we mentioned above. Bars, restaurants, and stores are almost always chains, and there is a sameness in the air, making The Strip feel like a giant mall at times. Margaritaville might seem like a fun venue – it is – but you might feel it lack some soul at times. 

Conclusion – Tips for a Trip to Las Vegas

An authentic Vegas is to be found beyond The Strip and beyond the tourist bustle of Fremont Street. The Arts District is an exciting option for Downtown trips, with cool (and affordable) bars like Hop Nuts and Artifice providing a refreshing money saver when compared to The Strip. Moreover, if you can – leave the city environs for some spectacular views and soul-lifting experiences. You can drink margaritas by the pool and visit big nightclubs anywhere in the world at any time – will you ever get the chance to see Red Rock Canyon at sunset again? 

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