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The Best Bowling Places in Singapore

The Best Bowling Places in Singapore
Image by Sharon Ang from Pixabay

Since the 1970s, bowling has been the most popular game in Singapore.

Bowling is a superb sport, and it’s a great way to spend your evening with family or friends if not hitting the gym.

Though some of the best-known bowling places in Singapore have closed down, the game is still popular as ever after Singapore’s plans to reopen in Phase 2.

Below are the best bowling places in Singapore in 2021.

K-Bowling Club

Bowling at the K-Bowling spot is your best bet if you love a milieu full of neon lights and club bangers.

It’s a cosmic-themed spot and is known as Singapore’s first multi-entertainment bowling place.

The club also has spaces for arcade games, pool tables, dart machines, private karaoke booths, all combined with the groovy tunes, jazzy beats, and booze that keeps you amused throughout.

It’s one of the most pocket-friendly bowling places in Singapore, with rates starting from $11 per game.

They also host events like Halloween attire competitions for their clients to engage in.

This is a to-go place with family and friends.

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Image by Rudy and Peter Skitterians from Pixabay

Orchid Bowl

In Orchid Bowl, the game goes beyond just hitting a bunch of pins with a heavy ball.

Instead, you can duple your bowling shoes to dancing shoes that glow in the dark surrounded by flashing disco lights and impressive tunes.

They also have a spot for the minors/beginners at the MiniBowl, where they get robotically bounced, and their bowling balls are much lighter.

Orchid Bowl also has an updated scoring and management system called the QubicaAMF BES X, making your bowling experience whimsical.

It’s an ideal spot for a family haunt.


It’s located in Jurong, one of Singapore’s oldest bowling backstreets.

It’s an idyllic place for newbies and people on tight budgets but still want to do as many as 34 lanes, eight of which have gutter bumpers.

It’s highly recommendable for family fun, and they can hit all the strikes they want until their hearts are delighted.

In SuperBowl, they also have shops where you can buy your bowling equipment.

Singapore Bowling

This spot has been open to the public since October 2015 and its located in Rifle Range.

It’s an ideal spot for people who are profound about bowling experiences.

It houses 38 lanes with a sleek and clean that’s always well sustained.

The fun fact that most people don’t know is that the national teams’ trains multitude their competitions in Singapore Bowling.

If you are a newbie looking for that motivational lift, it’s the perfect place for you to check out.

Prices are affordable, ranging from $4.50 per off-peak game and $5 per peak game.

Kallang Bowl

It is one of the oldest bowling places in Singapore, and Easterners adorn it.

After its new makeover, Kallang Bowl now features 22 race lanes with touch screen control panels for you to keep records of your winnings.

It’s an ideal place for people who like to blow off their steam, and later you can cool off at the ice-skating rink upstairs in the Kallang Ice World.

Their prices are also very affordable, ranging from $2.50 to $4.30 per game.

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Image by ivabalk from Pixabay

Wrap up

The fun isn’t always about bowling a turkey in the above-mentioned best bowling places in Singapore, but also you get to dance to the latest pop hits.

Always remember to bring your own pair of socks to have that thrilling strike as you pass the time with your family and friends.

Now that you know the best bowling places in Singapore, let’s knock those pins down.

Featured Image by Sharon Ang from Pixabay

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