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TENA Introduces Stirling Gravitas, A Man in Control

Photo provided by TENA

There is no easy way to talk about urinary incontinence. That is, until Stirling Gravitas came along.

Urine leakage is a real problem that affects millions of people, but let’s face it, not many people talk about it because it is and will never, can’t ever, be sexy. That is, until TENA Men, a maker of hygiene products designed to deal with just this problem, launches Stirling Gravitas – a man in control of everything, except for a tiny leakage situation.


TENA Men 1 300x169 - TENA Introduces Stirling Gravitas, A Man in Control

Photo provided by TENA

TENA Men released a humorous YouTube video on March 11 of Stirling Gravitas (that name in itself screams EPIC) showing how he takes control of EVERYTHING – from pet lions, to a crying baby, to gambler’s luck, to the laws of physics itself. It’s pretty crazy. Watch:

A series of videos and even a dedicated Stirling Gravitas twitter page shows more of Stirling sharing how he stays in control of his life and its challenges, which obviously, you need to take with a grain of salt.

All these outrageous tips aside, Stirling Gravitas brings a more important message which is good to take note of: if you are suffering from bladder weakness, it doesn’t have to put a damper on your epicness.

Check out their website at www.tenamen.co.uk.


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