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Music To Imbibe In: Jill Barber & Emilie-Claire Barlow

Image by skeeze for Pixabay
Jill Barber & Emilie-Claire Barlow
Image by skeeze for Pixabay

By definition a chanteuse is a female singer that sings in a nightclub or a cabaret.

For the most part these two venues are now a thing of the past, but luckily for us there are still some talented artists who embody this style when they perform.

Jill Barber and Emilie-Claire Barlow are two fetching singers from Canada, who can both lay equal claim to the Canadian chanteuse crown.

Both of these women have recently released albums that are infused with a nightclub-like spirit and feature a return to the lush sounds of an earlier era.

Mischievous Moon, is Jill Barber’s third full-length album and her sultry voice has never been put to better use. It’s a collection of new songs that have a familiar and vintage feel to them.

It’s the kind of music you listen to with a martini in hand and hopefully a beautiful woman near by. It’s romantic and it sways in that elegant five-star hotel bar kind of way.

As an artist Barber has continued to evolve and as a fan I’ve listened to her change from an acoustic folk singer to what she is now, which some in the press refer to as a  “smokey folky.”

Regardless of the label she’s a unique artist with a voice that could charm a stone.

Image by skeeze for Pixabay

The Beat Goes On is Emilie-Claire Barlow’s eighth jazz album and was released just last year. The Toronto native draws inspiration from the songs of the 1960’s for her latest album and reinterprets a broad range of classics from that time period.

The songs cover a wide range of genres and singer/songwriters like Bob Dylan, Carole King and Buffy Sainte-Marie.

Classic tracks like, “These Boots Were Made For Walkin’” and “Sunshine Superman” are infused with a new energy as a result of Barlow and her band’s innovative arrangements.

Barlow’s CD consistently hits the perfect balance between honoring these songs, while at the same time reinventing them and making each track her own.

It’s all very playful and her vocal abilities feel perfectly suited for such a collection.

The disc works well for that special afternoon or night of entertaining outside during a barbeque when you want the music to be fun and breezy with a hint of sensuality underneath it all. I like to call it – music to flirt by.

These two albums are lush and full of swinging fun and are a welcome addition to any gentleman who likes his music made the way they used to make it.


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