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Music in May: Gentleman’s Weekend Playlist

Music in May: Gentleman’s Weekend Playlist

The weekend is upon us, and it’s almost summer! This means music plays the best with the windows down, tunes blasting, and driving into the setting sun. Whether it’s a date night with your significant other, a guy’s night out, or a chill night to recharge, there are new hits for everyone to check out this weekend. You may check out the song you want to listen to on Spotify. Spotify is a great online music streaming platform both for musicians and music listeners. Musicians may find out more to buy Spotify monthly listeners to get more audiences to listen to their music. Do yourself a favor and check out these killer new tunes that you’ll want to play on repeat all summer long; add them to your playlist fit for a true gent!

Backstreet Boys….

…. Are back! The boys are back together again, and the all-stars just proved they can hold their own in mainstream pop with the release of their new single, “Don’t Go Breaking My Heart.” Reminisce on the good ole days while you praise that the boy-band is back (Did they really ever leave?) and stream their latest release here (https://open.spotify.com/track/79Mjfhh393dZdAsTvUFDR6?si=BjbUVyWdTx-ZSkRS5RMXOA).

backstreet boys - Music in May: Gentleman’s Weekend Playlist

Sam Hunt’s “Downtown’s Dead”

Last summer, Sam released the iconic, “Body Like A Back Road,” and he just dropped a new song right in time for the season. Check out Sam’s single, “Downtown’s Dead,” here (https://open.spotify.com/track/5eFfsbjSouG8qOpg9ZqDl6?si=imfGjAylTu2OITRzCXYJ4A)for a sequel to the 2017 hit.

Sam Hunt 1024x730 - Music in May: Gentleman’s Weekend Playlist

Abi’s “A Day Without”

This rising country crossover star just released her new single, “A Day Without.” Abi has traveled the world and performed with huge names in both country and pop, like Kelly Clarkson and Pentatonix. “A Day Without” has a dynamic and emotional message that anyone can relate to; check out the catchy new single here (https://awal.lnk.to/X-QBe)!

ABI 1024x1024 - Music in May: Gentleman’s Weekend Playlist

John Mayer’s “New Light”

John’s latest smooth single definitely sheds some *new light* on the greatest songs of 2018. The soulful singer just released his latest hit this week, and you can check it out here (https://open.spotify.com/track/3bH4HzoZZFq8UpZmI2AMgV?si=iv2SyGk4QeaacMZWQbDZAA).

John Mayer - Music in May: Gentleman’s Weekend Playlist

Chance McKinney’s “Take It Back”

A former high school teacher, this breakout country singer/songwriter won CMT’s Music City Madness competition. Chance has performed with some of the largest names in the genre, including Blake Shelton, Luke Bryan, Dierks Bentley, Darius Rucker and more. You can check out, “Take It Back,” one of the standout tracks here (https://open.spotify.com/track/5EgSyVU6aWicmT8tMxbh03?si=qTgBxYNfRa-PtfxLWeoy2A) from his latest EP, I.

Chance McKinney 682x1024 - Music in May: Gentleman’s Weekend Playlist

Selena Gomez’s “Back To You”

If you’re looking to have a night on the town, Selena’s latest release is the ultimate new jam. Stream it here (https://open.spotify.com/track/4hQ6UGyWQIGJmHSo0J88JW?si=fCz1zUnWTPezSDhvRTbLbw) and you’ll instantly be in the mood for a weekend adventure.

Selena Gomez 1024x576 - Music in May: Gentleman’s Weekend Playlist

Jenna Paulette’s “ILYSM”

This rising female in country music has a captivating voice and a song that you’ll want to play over and over. “ILYSM” – an acronym for I Love You So Much – is the ultimate love song for country-pop fans. Take a listen here (https://open.spotify.com/track/182HjPEqy0dsO0i4fugJvW?si=RnJda72SSUSU_fzFTiBIvA), and you’ll see why it’s one of the catchiest songs of the year.

JennaPaulette 1024x682 - Music in May: Gentleman’s Weekend Playlist

Cardi B’s “I Like It”

This hip-hop star’s release off her latest album is a Friday-night anthem. Cardi pulled inspiration from her roots for this Latin-infused song that’s shooting to the top. Check out the chart-topper’s next No. 1 here (https://open.spotify.com/track/58q2HKrzhC3ozto2nDdN4z?si=27oUUcLpQvaSKBkB35ybsA).

Cardi B - Music in May: Gentleman’s Weekend Playlist

Steve Moakler’s “Hard Not To Love”

While he’s not penning chart-topping songs for some of the top dogs in country music, Steve Moakler is dropping catchy Americana hits that fans of all genres will dig. You can checkout his latest release, “Hard Not To Love It,” here (https://open.spotify.com/track/4GxXHDpw560VaHwMIjhqT4?si=-oTAJAmDQCiBOikSKF-7UQ) for a feel-good melody and upbeat vibes perfect for weekend chilling.

Steve Moakler 682x1024 - Music in May: Gentleman’s Weekend Playlist

Sierra Black’s “Make It Easy”

Searching for the perfect love song for summer? Look no further. Sierra Black’s latest single was written about her personal love story, which took the internet by storm in her viral wedding video. Make your date night special, and show the one you love how you feel by adding this romantic song to the queue. Check out “Make It Easy” here (https://open.spotify.com/track/4SJR2lGW1UXg7NxLdZJASP?si=KlAY88fpRziF5pzulKo5vw).

SierraBlack 683x1024 - Music in May: Gentleman’s Weekend Playlist

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