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Managing A Band In Birmingham – What You Need To Know

Managing A Band In Birmingham – What You Need To Know
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There is money to be made in music. As a band manager, it’s your job to make sure that happens for all parties concerned. 

Unfortunately, some prominent artists fear that mainstream bands are disappearing altogether. It’s a sorry situation that may leave a lot of talent undiscovered. The potential is often there, but what performers need is quality representation to get them seen. That is what gives them a platform. 

If you’re a manager yourself, you can step in here. You can nurture your talent with bookings, supply them with advice, and ultimately guide their trajectory toward success.  

Do the rules change at all if the band you’re managing is based in Birmingham? You’ll find some tips below to help you in this situation.  

Champion Birmingham

Keeping your band in Birmingham is a smart business decision. It may even make the difference between success and failure. 

Try to pitch Birmingham as the perfect place to get started. After all, Paul McCartney didn’t vacate Liverpool until after The Beatles seismic U.S. tour. Hometowns have a lot to offer, and in the case of Birmingham, it’s the perfect setting for a band that’s willing to earn their success through hard work. 

Additionally, having some hometown pride can make a band more appealing and instill them with real cultural grit and authenticity. London and Manchester are frequently credited with contributing to British music, so a bit of Birmingham can also create a unique sense of appeal. 

Many successful bands have come out of Birmingham over the years; Electric Light Orchestra, Dexys Midnight Runners, The Streets, and Duran Duran, to name but a few. Tap into that inspiration where possible and let it motivate your band. 

Quality bands also put out tracks that reference their hometown often. Again, The Beatles are a good example here with Penny Lane. Perhaps there’s something to explore there as well? Use Birmingham as an artistic tool. 

Consider Savings

The excitement around starting a band can impede people’s judgment somewhat. Your band may have dreams of cracking American or hitting the London streets, but the fees can tally high when doing all of this. 

The money you save in living in Birmingham can be fed into the band. It could cover venue slots, production equipment, or marketing materials. Money may be scarce initially, so you shouldn’t turn your nose up at any chance to secure some extra funds. 

Birmingham is often considered to be one of the best places to live in the U.K., so there is no reason to leave just yet on that score either. If you really must get to London for important meetings or networking opportunities, a quick train trip will get you to the capital in no time. Otherwise, everything you could need is right here. 

Find A Great Birmingham Studio

Remember, your band doesn’t need to get to work on writing hits in the studio at the start. Use the space creatively. Create an environment where there are no wrong answers in the collaboration process. After that, numerous benefits should follow, such as bandmates being able to: 

  • Read each other’s energy – As the members become more familiar with each other at work, they may learn how best to collaborate and communicate professionally. 
  • Develop their confidence – Pitching musical ideas may be something of a foreign concept at the start. However, over time, they should become surer of themselves as artists. 
  • Nurture a lasting bond – If the bandmates spend more time together, they will create a closer union. Not only will they work well as a team, but they may also look forward to spending time with one another. 

Give the band room to sample different ideas and fail. E.P.s can serve that purpose well, putting out different experimental sounds that contrast with one another. The entirety of that process is about finding the band’s identity at any given point, so give them that opportunity.  

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Low-cost music practice rooms available through Pirate could be highly beneficial. Their Birmingham studio fits a maximum of six people. Your band can practice as loud as they like without disturbing others in the building due to effective soundproofing measures. Guitar amps, drums, microphones, P.A. speakers, and mixers can all be used regularly too. Advise your band to sync their diaries and to use these resources. 

Know Your Place

Remember, you’re not an artist, so try not to interfere in their creative processes too much. Some artists can find being corporately controlled stifling. If you try to oversteer their creativity, it may cause friction. 

You can provide some creative input at appropriate intervals but try to only pitch in during an emergency. Express your opinions when asked for them by a band member too. Otherwise, your duties lie in the logistics side of things – negotiating contracts, booking gigs, outlining record deals. 

Keeping the admin as Birmingham-focused as possible is likely in your best interests in the beginning. For example, you could review the best music venues in the city to know where your band can make the most significant impact. When everything is close by, the band won’t be traveling around the country for little reward. As their profile begins to build, you can then look at promotions and performances outside the city. 

Get the Band Online

Birmingham is magnificent, but being fixed in any place will have limitations for a newer act. It is crucial to start chipping away at those boundaries as soon as possible but in proportion to the band’s level of success. 

Fortunately, giving your band’s music an online outlet is easy and expands your listener base. You can:

  • Create social media pages and use band and Birmingham-specific hashtags. 
  • Publish impactful music videos for each track made, with the city serving as a visceral backdrop. 
  • Develop a website featuring local gig information and band member biographies. 
  • Kickstart collaborations with other up-and-coming Birmingham musicians through the web. 

Having an online presence may ease tensions too. After all, some band members may want to travel the world from the get-go or add more visual elements to their work. Diversify their workload and make sure anyone can see their stuff, and it could be a step in the right direction. 

Featured Image by Pexels on Pixabay

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