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Law and Legalization of Online Games for 2021

Law and Legalization of Online Games for 2021
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In the past few years, online gambling has become increasingly popular. Many countries have changed their policies around the legalization of online games. Yet, some countries are reluctant to loosen restrictions and still hold no-tolerance policies. 

Benjamin Reppersen is an online gaming expert. He focuses on online casinos and keeps up with the latest news in the online gambling world. Benjamin is here to zoom in on the current affairs of online gambling in Norway. He’ll also take a closer look at the laws around the industry. 

Online Casinos in Norway

There are thousands of online casinos to choose from in Norway. Unfortunately, not all casinos can be trusted, as some of them operate unlicensed. If you’re looking for top-rated casinos that operate under valid licenses, you can visit the norske casinoer site. 

When looking for an online casino, it is crucial to ensure that the casino operates with a valid license. If you register with an unlicensed casino, you risk sharing your personal and banking details with potential scammers. 

European Legislation for Online Gambling

There’s no legislation specific to the European Union. Instead, each country developed its laws and legislation for online gambling. With the rise of online casino operators, most EU countries have regulations in place and allow some form of online gambling.

In terms of allowing online gambling, some countries are more lenient than others. In contrast, other countries are more strict and allow gambling restrictions on casino games and sports betting sites.

Countries in the EU can set up their policies as long as it complies with the EU court of justice’s Treaty on the Functioning of the European Union (TFEU) clause. 

Casino Laws and Legalization In Norway

The laws about online casinos and online games in Norway are a grey area because there is no current licensing model in place. The Norwegian government bans all gambling companies that operate offshore. 

They only allow state-owned entities to operate in Norway. But, it is impossible to control this due to the rising popularity of the online gambling market worldwide. 

Licensed online casinos aren’t hard to come by in Norway, as these sites offer a variety of payment options that would otherwise exclude Norweigian clients. These sites also make it easy for Norweigian players to sign up and enjoy welcome bonuses and free spins. It also gives players access to some of the best games for 2021. 

Why Is Online Gambling Legalization Essential? 

The online game industry is booming and has a promising future. Joining an online casino community is easier than ever, as players can also enjoy access on mobile devices. It comes as no surprise that gambling policies around the world are changing to adapt to a fast-growing industry. 

Having policies and legislation in place holds benefits for the country in question. This is because a government can increase its tax income when it opens its markets to offshore casino operators. 

In Norway, state-owned operators are pretty limited. Thus, 50% of players opt for offshore operated casinos. Because there are no regulations in place, Norweigian players aren’t protected when using offshore casinos. Updated legislation can reduce this problem and ensure that Norwegians can gamble safely

Having legislation in place can also protect players from illegitimate gambling sites. Unfortunately, these sites are also growing in popularity, and it’s becoming harder for new gamblers to identify scam sites. 


Online gambling policies are outdated, but the growing online gambling industry pushes governments worldwide to develop new approaches to ensure that consumer rights are protected. 

Featured Image by Henning Sørby from Pixabay

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