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How to Host the Perfect Super Bowl Party

How to host the perfect super bowl party
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The Super Bowl is a huge event that brings many people together as they watch different teams battle it out on the pitch. The Super Bowl embraces diversity and has attracted the attention of the world despite the age. Fans invest in buying tickets to watch their favorite teams. However, hosting a perfect Super Bowl party at home can be a good idea. A party is a good idea where family and friends come together to have fun. People can show off their team spirits by cheering hard. Keep reading to get an idea of how to host a perfect Super Bowl.

Invite guests and get supplies

A good Super Bowl party begins by deciding how many people one can comfortably host. Some invite many depending on their home space. It is crucial to note down the closest friends and family members first. Those with enough room can consider inviting coworkers and friends they don’t see often. The next step involves visiting the supermarket to get all supplies needed during the party.

Betting on the game

Betting is a popular pastime that can bring lots of fun, especially after winning. Two teams are playing, and everyone has a favorite team. A group can place a bet on the team that they believe is likely to win. The Super Bowl offers all kinds of prop bets, making the game a lot more interesting for the average fan. You can bet on all kinds of things like who will score first, how the first points will be scored, what player will be awarded the MVP, and even a special guest that might appear during the half-time show. You can bet online as well with one of the many bookmakers now available. However, participants should ensure that they are on the lookout for the best betting odds from different platforms to make the exercise fun and fruitful. 

Have awesome food

Food is an obvious thing that can make the party incredible. Super Bowl happens once a year; thus, having the best type of food that is well prepared will make the party memorable. Putting a smile on people’s faces at a party begins by allowing them to enjoy various delicacies. Inviting your friends to a party with no food can be a bad idea. Visitors need the energy to cheer and laugh. Remember, the only way to a man’s heart is through the stomach.

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Have a beer

The Super Bowl is an American sport that can be great when an American beer comes along. Carry out comprehensive research on local beers from the cities of the teams competing in the big contest. One can ice down some 12 packs with a freeze and surprise friends with the local and festive flavor. A party should not run out of beer; therefore, stocking up is very crucial. Beer and football are intertwined to bring a sense of occasion and trigger memories.

Bring in mini flags

All teams in the National Football League have their flags in bright colors used during a match. Before the game kicks off, one can hand over mini flags used to cheer teams. Consider face painting with the team’s colors to bring in the rhythm of the game. Mini flags are used to wave as a sign of cheering the favorite squad.

Play your own game

A party is meant to bring people together and have fun. Playing a game before a game kicks off will make a memorable Super Bowl party. Playing games is intended to keep the competition alive. One can prepare some questions about each team ahead of the game and answer them during timeouts. Those that answer all questions correctly can be awarded football-shaped cookies.

Set the scene

Plenty of decorations bring in the mood of the game. Creative decorations include helmet drink stirrers and coasters. Many of us are not good at bringing a superb setting, and one can ask a friend to lend a hand. One can use colors of a playing team on one half of the room and the other team colors on the other half. Visitors can take positions and cheer for their favorite teams.

Rate the commercials

There are commercials during the Super Bowl, and everyone likes them. Super Bowl fans consider them to be the best, and they pay attention to details. The best way to help everyone watch the commercials is by giving a reason to watch without admitting they like them. Ask the guests to rate the commercials by making them guess which company will appear next. Bring in different companies as spaces on a Bingo board to keep the fun moving.

Ban the kids

Children are amazing creatures that make life worthwhile. However, banning kids from watching the Super Bowl will do good. Kids get tired quickly after sitting around watching football for hours. It gets worse when you start getting bored and become a nuisance. In addition, children will like to have conversations during the game and demand attention. Parents will not enjoy it if their children keep asking them questions during the match.

Settle for a quality TV

The Super Bowl is a trendy event, and not everyone will like to miss a chance of the action. Inviting friends for a Super Bowl party and they find a 14-inch screen can frustrate many. Imagine squeezing on a tiny screen trying to catch every move will make people tired and bored. Everything else is optional, but a quality TV is not.

A Super Bowl party requires a plan to ensure that everything runs smoothly. Please invite friends and family to eat and cheer up their favorite teams. Super Bowl parties are only incredible when people come over without kids and share a bottle of beer as teams battle it out.

Featured Photo by Phillip Goldsberry on Unsplash

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