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Looking Back At Our Favorite Gaming from The Past

Favorite Gaming from The Past
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Looking Back At Our Favorite Gaming Practices from The Past

Gaming has certainly come a long way from being a mere crusade of hastily thrown pixels to role-playing games with state of the art graphics. Do you remember when no game could be played unless the players were sitting in a well-ventilated room?

With hefty joysticks in their hands, ready to take on the bad guys that are merely a combo of glitchy pixels and blips, we used to think that we’ve reached the technological breakthrough in terms of gaming.

However, soon, our mouths flung open when we saw gaming consoles opting for a slightly futuristic approach. There were fewer blips, and things began to look pretty, alright.

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Image by WikimediaImages from Pixabay

Fast-forwarding to the current era, when the gaming industry has been recognized for its unmatched creativity. Gaming has evolved tremendously. With connections like Spectrum internet packages, users can get access to a plethora of games pretty much anytime they want. But, you know what? Nothing beats an excellent old-school classic. Just to escape from the hustle and bustle that we’re trapped in now, we would give anything to travel down the memory lane and get a chance to play our favorite consoles once again.

Trip Down the Memory Lane – Gaming Edition

Multiple Titles On A Single Disk

Remember the old SEGA Genesis days when you had the money for just one cartridge but wanted everything you could get in that budget. Back then, these multiple games in a single cartridge were saviors as you could get a versus-fighter, a racing game, and a tennis championship game all in one!

Sadly, this phenomenon faded out with the advent of disk games where we only get one (or even less than one) title per disk. With the rise in prices of individual games, gamers would love to have this feature back somehow for modern games.

Sure, there are collection titles out there, but they usually are installments of the same game over time. What gamers would appreciate is to have variety inside a single title. You know, something that Super Smash Bros tried to do, but couldn’t completely do, and yet, they still managed to do. Do you get what we’re trying to say?

Console Relaunches

No matter what anyone says, you must acknowledge that a significant part of the gamer community consists of adults who have seen the evolution of games during their lifetime. Even though they appreciate the new titles, they would love to go back to the nostalgic land of their childhood with titles like Altered Beast on SEGA or Super Mario Bros. This is where the need for modern iterations of old consoles comes in. Everyone loved the classic NES mini version, and it was a commercial success. Undoubtedly, if console companies went on with this business plan, it could be useful for them and nostalgic, thirsty gamers.

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Different Controllers

Remember that timeless classic Duck Hunt? Not in a bad way, because no one wants PETA to sue us, okay! We’re talking about its lighthearted way of shooting pixelated ducks through that classic gun-controller.

Most people would say that the giggling dog was the best part of the game. The second-best part was that unique controller/device of the game that made it even more intense and life-like.

Sadly, most console companies have abandoned that idea because they intend to make their games variant and not based on a single-shooting model. However, if games like Call of Duty and Battlefield can bring these gun controllers back, that could be a great OhMyGosh moment for single-shooting fanatics.

Split-Screen Multiplayer

We all remember the chaotic fun that was plugging four controllers into a single console and dividing the little TV screen into four parts so we could get to enjoy a little bit of everything. Oh, how much we miss that! Sure, online multiplayer has connected gamers worldwide, but we won’t stop rooting for some titles that would allow buddies to play on the same screen to share the fun. Especially now, when we no longer have little screens, and the whole splitting-screen thing could be much more fun.

So, Let’s Get Playing!

Gaming will continue to evolve in the coming years. Of course, it’s not like gamers don’t want that to happen, but just for once, getting to relive their childhood on their latest consoles would mean everything to the gaming community. So, let’s see if there’s any game-creator out there, thinking of the same thing.

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