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Famous Artists And The Weird Instruments They Love

As an aspiring musician, you probably have a lot of artists who you look up to. If you love classical rock, you might be like Jesse and idolize the King of Rock himself, Elvis. Or, if you’re more modern and into grunge, you might aspire to create a band like the Arctic Monkeys. Perhaps you have a soft spot for pop princess Taylor Swift? It’s good to have an idol, and one of the things you can learn from famous artists is how to expand your knowledge and try something different. You’ll be amazed by the musical instruments that these artistic icons know how to play.

Taylor Swift

Mock Taylor Swift if you must, but she’s probably just going to shake it off and call you mean. Besides, we’d like to see anyone learn to play half the number of instruments that she has mastered. Our personal favorite is definitely the ukulele. The ukulele is basically a baby guitar, and it originated in Hawaii. It has a much softer, gentler sound and Taylor Swift isn’t the only musical celebrity who loves this instrument. What is the best ukulele for beginners? Well, you can find more info on this fascinating instrument and Elvis himself was famous for playing one. This shouldn’t come as much of a surprise though. Much of Elvis’s film career was spent shooting flicking in a Hawaiian paradise. The quality of his films is debatable, the quality of his music is certainly not.

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Sting is known for many things, but unless you happened to catch the underrated TV show Studio 60, we bet you didn’t know he could play the lute. The lute is another member of the strings family, and it’s particularly unique due to the end which is bent over at a right angle. The Lute is a beautiful instrument that allows for a tranquil, elegant sound. It’s just one of the many, many instruments that Sting has mastered over the years. You can hear the legend in action on https://www.youtube.com/.

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Ed Sheeran

Er Sheeran, the famous British singer, recently took up nine of the UK’s top ten single spots which is an impressive achievement. What’s even more impressive is that this charismatic singer also knows how to play the violin. Violins are a great choice of instruments for those who want to start a hobby or even a career in music. Choosing to play the best violin will get you on the right track and open up a lot of opportunities.  So, if you ever thought violinists don’t see much action just remember Sheeran has allegedly been with several members of the Swift’s squad which includes a few Victoria Secret models. 

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Ariana Grande

Ariana Grande’s sensual sound might be a guilty pleasure for most of us. But you might be surprised to learn just how musically talented she is. The young starlet actually learned how to play the french horn in school which probably meant she was in band. Let that one sink in for a moment and as we try to explain her latest instrument, mimu gloves. Created by Imogen Heap, mimu gloves are a way to make music with hand movements. They’re a brand new musical instrument, and Grande has got her hands all over them.

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As you can see then, lots of stars love trying their hands at weird and wonderful musical instruments. Perhaps you should do the same? Who knows, you might discover an incredible talent with a peculiar device.

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