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Bolivar Simones Cigar
Photo of JÉSHOOTS from pexels/a>
Bolivar Simones Cigar
Photo of JÉSHOOTS from pexels

I too often fall into this throw-away world we live in.  Rather than investing in a quality, solid-wood coffee table, for instance, my first tendency is often to buy something Swedish to “last a few years.”  However, as time goes on I find myself moving away from this mentality, preferring the feel and longevity (and accompanying maintenance) of a pair of handmade leather brogues over discount bin sneakers.  I will gladly smoke one quality cigar over three dog rockets, and drink one dram of Macallan 21 over a bottle of an underaged blend.

It’s tough to know where to begin.  Tired of cheap pens running dry or exploding in your pocket?  Consider trying Cross (or others, such as Montblanc) for a classic look and feel.  Tired of sunglasses which distort your view and feel flimsy?  Consider Randolph Engineering, the company which once supplied the US military, and now makes high-quality sunglasses in America.  My job requires a considerable amount of writing, and being a contact lens wearer, my eyes are fairly light sensitive; as such, these two investments alone have made a noticeable difference in my daily comfort, and their quality has not gone unnoticed by colleagues and peers.

Taking the leap into higher quality, lasting goods need not be complicated, nor completely draining on the wallet.  My RE Aviators cost the same as a tank of gas, and instantly replaced the low-quality sunglasses littering my shelf.  Next time you prepare to spend your hard-earned money, consider investing in pieces which will provide enjoyment for years and decades, rather than sub-standard goods which will require imminent replacement while providing no true service in the meantime.  With the right purchases, the short-term impact on your pocket book will be far outweighed by the longevity and style accompanying quality goods.

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