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Electric Blackjack: Taking The Game To A Whole New Level

If you thought you knew how to play blackjack, think again! Look what I just came across right here while browsing videos on Youtube. Now there’s a way to learn fast!

If I were there, I’d want to empower the players with some tips and strategy from online casino 888casino, the Ultimate Blackjack Strategy Guide is an easy way to avoid a shock and sit at the table with confidence. It seems to be working out perfectly well for Amy (the female player); maybe she was smart enough to read up before she sat down at the table.  Just as an aside, you will see her pregnant in other videos; this particular video was of course shot before her pregnancy. I have it on good faith that nobody at 888casino would even hint at potentially shocking a potentially pregnant woman!

Parlour poses at Aspers Casino before Electric Blackjack 1024x645 - Electric Blackjack: Taking The Game To A Whole New Level

The other poor dude, though, well, all I have to say is I’m sure he was learning quickly!

Fortunately for most of us, the stakes are probably a little bit saner, and lower, or should I say maybe a little bit less low! But whatever the stakes are, we need to keep in mind that in blackjack, strategy is king. It’s the one game where the opponent is totally predictable and we are free, so we have to take advantage of that.

I hope watching that video helps everybody out there get a little bit smarter. There is so much to learn about this game, and the more you now, the more you increase your enjoyment, as well as, of course, your potential winnings. This man in the video obviously had no idea about house edge percentages, when to double and split, and many other issues that make all the difference at the table. You can be different. You don’t have to go there.

Parlour receives one of his many electric shocks 1024x612 - Electric Blackjack: Taking The Game To A Whole New Level

I’m a big fan of blackjack, and I consider it the king of all the casino games, for many of the reasons I have just stated above. If you are considering getting more seriously into blackjack, I highly recommend the aforementioned strategy guide put out by 888 casinos.

So in conclusion, watch the video and live vicariously. Then get the strategy guide and study up. Arm yourself with all the right knowledge to maximize your blackjack experience. And of course, we will see you at the tables.

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