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Celebrating the Best of BC on Canada Day

July 1st is when those of us north of the 49th parallel celebrate the 1867 creation of Canada. The west coast of this country is a bounty of natural resources of all sorts, whether you’re into food and wines or sights and sounds. Given the physical beating the City of Vancouver took recently, and the subsequent image beating in the international media, it is high time to celebrate all that is great about the Pacific Northwest in Canada.

To accomplish the goal of experiencing the best of British Columbia, the Aspiring Gentleman has decided to spend the Canada Day weekend in both Vancouver and Whistler. We will be reprising our stay with the Four Seasons in Seattle, this time at their Vancouver and Whistler locations. This will poise us in a position to access the great tourist locations of these cities, including the best places for local food and wines; where to find cigars and spirits; and of course we won’t forget to find the locations of the trendiest coffee bars. Many of those who visit these cities, whether they were here for the Olympics, to hit the local mountains, or just stopping on their way through tell of the great physical beauty that these locations provide, as well as the amenities that come along with them.

Even if you don’t hail from Canada, grab a hold of the most cliche aspect of the great white north, even if it means assuming the cheesy accents of Bob & Doug Mackenzie for a toast, and celebrate with us the start of the great summer ahead.

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