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How Can Gaming Influence Your Life?

We all use gaming for different reasons, for some it’s way of life but most of us use it to relieve the stress and tension that everyday living builds up over time. Gaming is always looked at negatively but through research it’s been proven to have many surprising benefits to our lives. So next time you’re being dragged off the sofa for hogging the TV or told that you’re not paying enough attention to your other half, simply remind them there is method to your video game madness!

There are many types of games available on the market, giving us many types of entertainment to choose from. Physical games that require movement to play along, educational gaming that keeps our brains engaged, and finally the games we keep close to our hearts, that we use to relax at the end of a busy day.

We look at gaming as a fun way to spend our spare time but why can’t we use different types of games to help us improve skillset and ourselves individually for the future? Games can be used by anyone to move forward and progress, whether this be a physical, mental or medical improvement, it doesn’t matter, let’s get our gaming heads on!

Relieving Pain & Stress Through Gaming

We all have days when we just want to lock ourselves away in a quiet room and be left alone after a stressful day at work. But research shows that this may just be exactly what you need to relieve stress levels. Gaming is like a distraction whether this be used as pain relief from injury or to sooth your state of mind, it’s an effective way to make your mind relax.

Developing our own awareness of that works best for us as individuals is key to crafting our own emotional balance/stress relief, which is a vital part of healthy coping. By playing video games, we develop key problem solving skills in a way that’s both non-threatening whilst providing a distraction to our busy minds, which is one of the many advantages of playing video games on a regular basis.

If you want to introduce some physical gaming in your home for some tactical stress relief then an arcade machine just might be well up your street? Don’t limit yourself to a games cabinet that going to take up half a room, live a little and get the best value for money with a multigame arcades machine that some games room companies offer on finance for less than £30.00 per month. These tables are appropriately sized and offer 60+ classic games for you to enjoy as you please.

Not a fan of the physical approach? No problem, research shows that playing violent games helps relieve stress, whether this be you imagining yourself running over your boss GTA style or simply a way of taking out your frustration in a less than physical way, it’s been proven to work effectively. Regardless of your preferred format for playing your games the benefits are clear, so don’t be afraid to start that next game of Candy Crush!

Educational Gaming

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Educational gaming comes in many forms, sometimes without us even noticing that we are taking knowledge on board. Assassins Creed, you wouldn’t believe is an educational game but if you look a bit deeper the background story is based on real world events, not to mention the geography and architecture. These historic gaming story lines are an awesome way to create a fun option to learn and develop your knowledge, brushing up on your history as you play your favourite games, what is there to lose?

Brain training games such as Nintendo’s Brain Training series are designed to challenge and improve your IQ. These types of games are made to help keep you engaged and stop your brain from turning into a pile of mush, this fun way of learning gives you the challenge of improving your score each time you play so you have your own personal goals to work towards. These games are great for people that want to improve how responsive they are, this also would be a great development opportunity for younger minds to teach problem solving skills.

Educational gaming is underrated and should be put into play a lot more than it has done already, what could be better than spending your evening buried in your sofa whilst putting your favourite games to some use?

How Can Gaming Help Illness & Medical Conditions   

Gaming is a powerful source in which we can use to help others learn and develop. Even the simplest of games like Pokémon offer individuals to brush up on their comprehension and reading abilities due to the amount of text you read through progressing further into the open world. The Pokémon series offer a fun way for kids to learn while playing games, this genre of gaming is ideal for anyone who suffers with dyslexia who are looking to get stuck into their reading in a modern way.

Physical games, as well as developing your fitness physical, can aid individuals with development issues and children with conditions such as ADHD benefit from burning their excess energy. Gaming consoles like Nintendo’s Wii are perfect for this because you use full body movement that develops muscle memory, and practical approach does wonders for fitness not to mention confidence.

If you’re looking to purchase a console for your children and worried about them breaking either the controller or device then no need to worry, both Nintendo’s Wii & Gameboy offer hard shelled cases to prevent any accidents, the Nintendo Wi even goes a step further as has a strap system connected to the controller which you can attach to the wrist when playing.

How Can Gaming Influence a Career?

Gaming can have a huge influence on our career path we choose to take, whether you’re a child or an adult it affects us the exact same way. It means in the sense of you gain ambition to be as good if not better than your favourite sports star, such as FIFA for example. Children may even get creative influence in visual masterpieces like Flower for the Playstation, adults often say The Last Of Us is closer to a movie than a game and creates an emotional connection with the player not usually seen in gaming.

Playing sports games can give us the drive and competitive edge to go out and train off our own backs to be the best we can be to be successful in the future. This may also encourage some fans to look further into the sport and see what it takes to get to that same level. Games like FIFA don’t just offer us a role model to live up to they offer us a social platform with online gaming experiences which can potentially help us develop social skills, leadership traits and finally being part of a team which every employer wants to see in today’s world of work.

You’ve also got another aspect to consider, maybe you’d like to create your own game one day, love the idea of the graphics behind the game itself, maybe you’re a creative soul and develop your best ideas through gaming graphics? There are endless options to consider when deciding how gaming can influence your career choices.

If you have any useful insights or would like to share your thoughts on this matter then we would love to hear what you have to share, please comment below. Stay strong, keep on gaming!

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