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A Gentleman’s Guide to Instagram

A Gentleman’s Guide to Instagram

With more than 200 million users and an estimated 20 billion images shared to date, Instagram has carved itself a unique niche as a social media fulcrum. It is an incredibly simple yet diverse platform that’s used as a form of entertainment as well as a marketing tool in some cases.

One of the challenges that face all those who use Instagram is choosing exactly what to post. A lot of us fall into the trap of becoming the person who just posts pictures of their food and no one wants to be that person. People often get confused about what to post on Instagram that can lead to more followers. If you can’t figure out how to increase follower count, may read all the necessary information to purchase IG followers at thunderclap.

So what does a gentleman post? A great way to figure this out is to learn from those who know exactly what they’re doing. Let’s take a look at a few influential male celebs who use Instagram and see what makes them some of the most popular men on Instagram.

Aaron Paul

Aaron Paul - A Gentleman’s Guide to Instagram

Breaking Bad star Aaron Paul shot to fame in what is still proclaimed as one of the greatest television series’ of all time. With a staggering 1.7 million followers, follow Paul to understand his unique take on everything from style and men’s’ fashion to clashing with famous people and fellow Hollywood Hall of Famers. Paul also a unique propensity for hugging pizza men, and this is one of the stars many eccentric qualities that you will grow to love over time.

Giuseppe Santamaria

Giuseppe Santamaria - A Gentleman’s Guide to Instagram

While Santamaria cannot hope to match Paul’s impressive range of followers, this acclaimed street style photographer shoots the best and most popular men’s fashion shows from around the world. He therefore has a unique insight into cutting edge men’s fashion and seasonal trends, making him the ideal resource for anyone who aspires to look good this summer. He is expected to grow his number of 7,000 followers significantly in the next year or so, and you would be well advised to follow this trend.

Foster Huntington

Foster Huntington - A Gentleman’s Guide to Instagram

If you are an Instagram user with a keen sense of adventure, you would be well-served by following Foster Huntington. With more than 943,000 followers at present, Foster is famous for quitting his New York job in 2011, moving into a camper van and setting off in a bid to explore the world. He has subsequently roamed around many of the world’s most exotic locations and captured some breath-taking imagery during this time. Whether you are in need of travel inspiration or simply wish to enjoy a series of spectacular sights on the Internet, this is the man to follow.

Hugh Heffner

Hugh Heffner - A Gentleman’s Guide to Instagram

We have arguably saved the best until last, as there you would be hard pressed to find a man alive who has not heard of Playboy business owner Hugh Heffner. One of the most followed and revered men on Instagram, people flock to follow Hugh and enjoy his views on entrepreneurship, women and romance. Whether you dream of visiting the Playboy mansion or simply enjoy the Playboy slot and want to learn more, follow Hugh and look out for his updates.

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