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10 Ways Your Phone Can Save You from Boredom

10 Ways Your Phone Can Save You from Boredom
Photo by Eddy Billard on Unsplash

Modern life is exciting – but that doesn’t mean it isn’t boring from time to time. 

Friends might cancel plans and leave you stuck at home for the weekend. You might live in a desolate town where you don’t know anyone. Or you might simply not have any hobbies and find yourself twiddling your thumbs whenever you have time off work. 

Thankfully, there’s a solution to boredom – and it’s in your hand (or pocket). That’s right: your phone. 

Smartphones are the ultimate boredom destroyers, and this article will explain ten activities you can do with yours that will prevent you from ever feeling bored again. 

1. Online casinos 

Casinos are highly entertaining (not to mention luxury) places. They’ve been around for hundreds of years, and – thanks to the evolution of technology – you can now experience the thrill of casinos through your phone. 

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2. Group call with friends 

Everyone has their favorite group chat with friends, whether it’s on Facebook Messenger or Snapchat. But instead of chatting and sending each other memes all the time, you should arrange a group video call; where you can have a nice catch-up with each other. Plus, if it’s at night, you can have a few drinks, too! 

3. Stream music 

If you grab your phone and open the app store, you’ll see that there are tons of music streaming apps to choose from. There’s Apple Music, Tidal, Spotify, and several others that might appeal to you. By joining one of these platforms, you’ll be able to stream as much music as you want to your heart’s content, whether it’s the latest pop hits or underground rap music. 

4. Design your own phone wallpapers

If you’re like most people, you’ll care about your phone’s wallpaper. But instead of simply using stock images, you should design your own phone wallpaper to give it the personal touch you want. To do this, download PicMonkey from the app store. 

5. Do some online shopping 

There are not many activities more fun than online shopping! 

6. Watch fitness tutorials

On YouTube, there are many fitness channels dedicated to helping you improve your physical (and mental) health. 

7. Watch vlogs 

If you aren’t a fan of fitness videos on YouTube, you should check out vlog channels instead. There are vloggers for every subject imaginable, from travel to cooking at home. But remember to avoid controversial vloggers!

8. App store games

Whether you use an iPhone or Android, the app store has a boatload of free games for you to download and play! 

9. Take selfies

When you’re bored, it’s the perfect opportunity to take the perfect collection of selfies. Even if it takes a couple of hours to find the right angle, stay persistent. Just don’t take selfies at dangerous locations!

10. Read eBooks

If you don’t want to pay high prices for paper books, you can read eBooks online instead. For example, if you have an iPhone, there’s the ‘Apple Books’ app. 

There you have it – ten things to do with your phone to keep you from boredom!

Featured Photo by Eddy Billard on Unsplash

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