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A Guide to Dating When Trans: 3 Tips

A Guide To Dating When Trans: 3 Tips
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While it is not known how many trans people there are in the UK right now for certain, the best estimate is that at least 1% of the popular could identify as trans, which includes those who identify as non-binary. As more people feel comfortable being themselves in their own skin, this will open up the dating world in new ways. Read this guide if you want to learn more about dating when trans and how you can get started. 

How To Approach Dating

The first step you should take comes in the form of knowing what you want. Consider how you want to approach dating. Two-thirds of individuals get into dating just for fun, to begin with, and that’s no different in the trans community. Of course, everyone is different, so think carefully about what you want personally, and go grab the opportunity.

It’s never too late to date, even if you’ve only just realized your sexuality/gender in elder life. There are community elder groups designed exactly for people who don’t know where to start dating in elder life. 45% of households aged 65 or over are single households, which is twice the rate of other groups. This means that it can be a lonely experience, but there are opportunities to meet up with people like you.

Use Trans-Friendly Dating Sites

The good news is that various dating apps make dating easier when trans. There will be apps such as Grindr that cater to the LGBT crowd, which allow you to use in-depth search options and used network features that focus on LGBT issues, helping make it stand out compared to other dating apps. 

That’s just one example, but Datingroo has a list of the best casual trans dating UK apps around. This can help you find not only an LGBT-friendly app but one catered for your needs. Whether you’re looking for a casual app to have fun or looking for someone to talk to, that could develop into a meaningful relationship.

Stay Safe When Dating 

While you always have to approach dating carefully in general, you may have to be more alert when dating online as a trans. You may need to find safe spaces to open up and be yourself, as some communities may be close-minded and abusive, which can be dangerous. 

For this reason, you should be careful when meeting up with people, as you don’t know who you will be meeting up with. Turn on your location services on your mobile friend and share them with someone you trust so that you can feel more reassured when going out that someone is looking out for you.


To conclude, you should approach the dating scene when trans with a rough idea of what you’re looking for, whether that’s fun, romance, companionship, or anything else like that. Stay safe when talking to those you don’t know, and inform friends and family, if safe to do so, about where you’re going and even consider bringing them with you.

Featured Photo by Joel Muniz on Unsplash

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