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The Best Keto Coffee

The Best Keto Coffee

The Best Keto Coffee

Keto coffee or butter coffee is unlike any other type of caffeinated drink. It may sound like you’d be sipping a fatty drink, but in truth, when prepared correctly, it actually tastes heavenly. Dave Asprey was the first person to introduce the practice of putting butter to tea and coffee. Since its inception, many fitness buffs have dabbled in drinking this superb caffeinated mix. I, for one, indulge myself with a cup of butter coffee, especially in the morning.

While it seems rather odd to add butter to a cup of brewed coffee, many people, including myself, drink this so-called keto coffee because of its numerous benefits.

Add Butter to Your Breakfast Coffee Now

Butter to Breakfast Coffee - The Best Keto Coffee

If you’re among the thousands of individuals who find it difficult to eat breakfast because you feel like your gut isn’t ready to digest food, then I suggest drinking keto coffee. Skipping breakfast will only prompt you to eat more than enough during lunch, most especially if you are too busy at work. That’s bad news if you’re planning to lose weight.

Take note that it’s also not enough to drink tea or coffee for the caffeine buzz. Just because you think your body is energized from the caffeine, it doesn’t mean that you’re full. Fortunately, with a cup of keto coffee, you can have enough calorie that can last for the entire morning. Plus, the energy from the butter doesn’t give you a sugar crash.

Drink Butter Coffee to Ease Constipation Problems

You’ve probably heard about drinking more water and increasing fiber intake to get rid of constipation problems. But you may not have heard about eating more fats to improve bowel movement. By drinking keto coffee along with consuming fat-containing food, you can help your gallbladder produce more bile, a substance that emulsifies fat so that it can be absorbed by the intestines. In addition to improving fat absorption, it also stimulates peristalsis or the movement of your gut.

Maximize the Effects of the Antioxidative Agents Found in Coffee

Studies show that coffee contains more antioxidants compared to tea and cocoa. According to research, unprocessed coffee contains at least 1,000 antioxidative ingredients. More powerful antioxidants are released after the beans are roasted. They are used to reduce inflammation caused by diseases like atherosclerosis and arthritis. They are also used to get rid of free radicals, the causative agent of many types of cancer.

If you like drinking coffee with milk, then you may not be maximizing the antioxidative effects of the beans. Milk proteins bind with all sorts of antioxidative ingredients, reducing their beneficial effect by at least 28%. Keto coffee is your best option if you want to enjoy the benefits of drinking coffee.

Butter only has lesser proteins compared to whole milk. In addition, there are some antioxidants that are fat soluble, so putting butter can amplify the health benefits of your ordinary brewed coffee.

Need to Lose Weight? Drink Butter Coffee

Have you ever heard of ketosis? It is a metabolic process where the body uses stored fats to generate energy. This process is done when the body’s glucose supply is low. There are some individuals who encourage this type of metabolic process by following a low-carb or keto meal plan. Others include keto coffee in their usual meal.

Ketosis is widely used by people who want to burn away unwanted fat. It is also utilized by diabetic patients. If you want to lose weight naturally, then you should try to consider following a keto diet. Perhaps you can start by drinking butter coffee.

I love having keto coffee for breakfast because studies reveal that our bodies are highly resistant to insulin. By drinking butter coffee for breakfast, you can urge your bodies to burn fats or ketones instead of carbohydrates.

What Makes a Perfect Cup of Butter Coffee?

The Best Keto Coffee 1 - The Best Keto Coffee

You may have tried ordering keto coffee from a nearby coffee shop, but let me tell you that you can actually make one on your own. The keto coffee recipe is surprisingly simple, and the ingredients are widely available in the groceries. Here are the basic ingredients you need to buy:

  • Coffee bean of your choice
  • Grass-fed butter
  • Virgin coconut oil
  • Pinch of salt

You can use any type of coffee bean. I recommend brewing enough beans for two cups. Make sure to include in your keto shopping list a good quality butter. I highly suggest using grass-fed butter because it has higher nutritional value compared to regular type. Also, it contains a good amount of fat. Grass-fed butter is very rich in omega 3 fatty acids and Vitamin K2.

When you make keto coffee, you should ensure that you blend everything well. By mixing the coffee, oil, butter, and salt thoroughly, you can achieve a texture similar to a latte. I personally love making my butter coffee in the morning, but you can always make yours anytime you prefer.

I also like pouring a bit of vanilla extract on my butter coffee, so feel free to add other flavorings. Others like adding whip cream on top, but if you don’t like additional calories, then I recommend skipping this ingredient.

My Advice If You’re New to Drinking Butter Coffee

Never use the cheap type of butter. Otherwise, you will ruin the taste of the coffee. You should also choose unsalted butter so that you can adjust the taste depending on your preference. It would be horrible to drink a super salty butter coffee.

I also advise you to use organic coffee beans because they contain minimal pesticide residue. Coffee beans are heavily sprayed with fungicide and pesticide because they are susceptible to infection. I know for certain that you wouldn’t risk getting exposed to harmful chemicals.

Lastly, if you still think that it’s a bit too weird to put butter in your coffee, I urge you to give it a try. It tastes good, plus it gives you tons of benefits that you probably won’t get from drinking a regular type of coffee.

If you have more questions about keto coffee or how to make the best blend of butter coffee, I am here to help you. I can also help you learn more about keto diet, specifically on how it works and why it’s the best type of diet. Feel free to reach out to me anytime.

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