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Super Moist Gluten Free Keto Brownies

The Best Keto Brownies

Keto desserts such as keto ice creams, keto brownies, keto cookies, and more are not hoodwinking!

When browsing for a healthy diet online, you may have stumbled upon the trending keto diet. This type of food selection is also known as low-carb diet, ketogenic diet, or low-carb, high-fat diet. The focus of this diet is to force the body to produce ketones and use them as the primary source of energy. You may enable this natural mechanism by restricting your carbohydrate intake into less than 20 grams per day.

Helping your body enter into a ketosis metabolic state sets burning ketones as the primary energy source. Ketones are produced from the breakdown of fats in the liver when our body initiates to help us survive when our food intake is low. This state is achieved by starving your body of carbohydrates and not calories.

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Traditional diet and healthy meal plans do not usually allow for much in the sweets category. Cakes, cookies, brownies, chocolate bars, and candies must be ignored. Every sweet bite gives you an overwhelming guilt. That should not be the case. Let us remove the “guilty pleasure” tags of our favorite sweets as we create the way to a healthy, friendly sweet treat.

As a fellow sugar lover, I know how frustrating it feels to avoid sweets and desserts. When you are on track with your keto diet, you will feel great benefits in terms of physical and mental health. You sometimes wonder, “Is a bite of a brownie worth the risk?” Well, here’s some good news for your sweet tooth – keto desserts exist!

To contribute to the keto diet society, let me present one of the best recipes I found in baking scrumptious keto brownies. This promising recipe of fudgy keto brownies is made by My Sweet Keto. In this baking journey, the chocolate recommended by the recipe creator is a dark Belgian composed of 85% cocoa and no sugar added. Get ready to hit the fudgy goal with crispy edges. There are a variety of keto brownie recipes found online, but I know you will love this one!

The preparation and cook time for My Sweet Keto’s recipe is 15 and 30 minutes, respectively. However, if you’re addicted to this recipe and you do it every weekend, you can start serving in a total of 35 minutes. At first, it took me around 50 minutes to serve the fudgy keto brownies because I am always conscious to make everything right. After 3 batches of keto brownies, I finally have the courage to tweak the recipe according to my preference and fully enjoy baking them.

Before you start experimenting, let me share the original recipe of My Sweet Keto’s Best Fudgy Keto Brownies. As you go along, you can find steps you’d like to explore more and modify. To start, here are the ingredients you need to prepare for 20 servings of brownies:

  • 6 oz dark chocolate
  • 5 oz almond flour
  • 8 tbsp. unsalted butter
  • 4 large eggs
  • ¾ cup erythritol
  • ½ tsp. baking powder
  • ½ tsp. vanilla extract
  • 3 tbsp. coarsely ground walnuts
  • 1 pinch of salt


1. After preheating the oven to 320 °F (160 °C), get your 9 x 9 inch baking pan ready. Measure its base so you can place your cut parchment paper at the bottom. Spray some coconut oil to settle in the paper.

2. Slice the butter and dark chocolate into thick cubes. Mix the butter and dark chocolate cubes into a microwaveable bowl, and melt them in a microwave. Make sure the mixture is melted enough so you can easily stir it.

3. Take the bowl out from the microwave, and stir the melted mixture until blended. After making sure there are no small lumps left, set aside the mixture to let it cool.

4. Grab another bowl, and mix the eggs, erythritol, and vanilla extract using a hand electric mixer for 3 minutes. Add salt to taste. Then, carefully whisk in the chocolate mixture, and make sure it’s blended.

5. Prepare another mix of almond flour and baking powder stirred together. Using a rubber spatula, carefully mix the flour into the brownie mixture.

6. Spread the stirred mixture into the baking pan using a spatula. Get ready to sprinkle the crushed walnuts or ay toppings preferred.

7. Put the prepared pan in the oven, and bake for 25–30 minutes. Remember that the less baking time, the fudgier the brownie gets.

After baking, let the brownie cool down, cut them in heavenly cubes, and experience the fudgy goodness of your brownies! Entering and staying at the grain-free and sugar-free world was made so much easier with My Sweet Keto’s Best Fudgy Keto Brownies! One cube slice of this fudgy brownie is 110 calories with 3.3 grams protein, 3.7 grams fiber, total carbs of 5.4 grams, and 9.2 grams of fat of which 5.2 grams is saturated.

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Another awesome thing about these fudgy brownies is the simplicity of the recipe. The steps are not complicated, and you can easily harvest 20 brownie servings in just over half an hour. This is very convenient for late-night snacks, last-minute celebration, and event giveaways. You just noticed your new neighbor moved in? Create one batch of fudgy keto brownies, and use the keto diet as a conversation starter!

Being on a keto diet should not stop you from modifying your brownies the way you like it. You may add cocoa powder, cream cheese, or whip up some heavy cream to satisfy your sweet tooth! Also, do not stop yourself from adding a little sweetener as most low-carb brownies are a little bit dry. Add heavy cream or a little bit of sweetener to add moisture and increase fudginess. Feel free to add a little bit of chocolate syrup to pop the cocoa fudgy twist.

Serving keto brownies on a Saturday night with friends and families is a sweet and healthy way to bond and express the keto madness. Eating the whole pan all by yourself while watching your favorite show works, too, but do not forget that this sweet, keto treat must be taken with discipline. Sometimes, I use this sweet brownie cubes as an instant remedy whenever I feel down. Just pop one in when you feel a little down, and you will not feel guilty about this indulgence.

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