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Symptoms of Depression Men Should Take Notice Of 

Symptoms of Depression
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Symptoms of Depression Men Should Take Notice Of

Men suffer from Depression at the same levels as women, and yet studies show they are far less likely to ask for help or get the assistance they need to cope with their Depression. This, of course, means that their problem will only get worse, and it can lead to terrible situations in which men feel they have nowhere to turn. Learning how to recognize Symptoms of Depression is a critical first step.  

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By teaching men more about the consequences of Depression and its reasons, doctors hope they can persuade more of them to come forward and ask for the help they need. One way to do this is to show men the Depression symptoms and why they shouldn’t ignore those symptoms if they are suffering from them. If you’re concerned for yourself or a male loved one or friend, read on to discover what some of the more unusual depression symptoms are so that help can be sought as soon as possible. 

Weight Fluctuations 

One of the symptoms of depression that can cause significant discomfort is weight loss or weight gain. Both are symptoms, and some people will suffer from just one, whereas others will find their weight fluctuates. This latter might not realize they are potentially suffering from Depression, especially if their weight has always been subject to change. 

People with Depression can gain weight because they don’t want to interact with other people. Neither do they want to do anything physical, even if it is used to bring them joy? So, if you spot that someone is starting to put on weight whereas they were healthy before, this could point to an issue. Equally, losing weight has the same problems attached; not wanting to do anything might even extend to eating. 

Loss of Libido

A loss of libido, or even impotence, will not be something many men are comfortable talking about, yet it can be a big pointer towards them having Depression. Sex makes us feel happier and healthier, releasing serotonin into the body, so not only can Depression make men not want to engage in sexual activities, it means they are missing out on those extra boosts of serotonin too. 

If you have noticed your partner is no longer as interested in sex as they once were if at all, you should try to speak to them about how they are feeling, even if it is uncomfortable doing. Depression can cause a fall in testosterone, which is why impotence can occur, so carrying out a testosterone test at home might be an excellent way to begin understanding more. 

Chronic Pain 

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You might not initially equate Depression – a mental health condition – with physical pain, but the truth is that around 75 percent of sufferers do feel some chronic pain as well, so this is not a symptom that should be ignored. 

Most of this pain is to be found in the neck and back (but it could be anywhere) and is the result of tense muscles. Because someone with Depression is always thinking and never able to relax fully, these muscles are constantly tense, causing pain over time. 

Common Symptoms to look for in depression 

  • Irritability and aggressive behavior
  • Feelings of anxiousness or restless behavior
  • Loss of interest, in family and work
  • Lack of sexual desire
  • Feelings of hopelessness
  • Lack of concentration or short term memory issues
  • Fatigue or inability to sleep or too much sleep
  • Overeating or lack of an appetite
  • Suicidal thoughts
  • Chronic pain or headaches
  • Lack of interest or ability to meet simple responsibilities at work or home
  • High-risk activities
  • Self-medication either drugs or alcohol
  • Withdrawal from family and friends


If you are experiencing depression, it is essential to get help. Seek out the help of a psychotherapist, enlisting the help of a mental health professional will help you develop coping skills. These may include:

  • Goals. Set realistic goals and prioritize tasks.
  • Support. Seek out emotional help from family or friends. 
  • Coping. Meditation and problem-solving skills help to cope with these feelings
  • Decisions. Create effective routines and postpone major decisions until your depression has improved.
  • Activities. Find activities you enjoy, such as ball games, fishing, or a hobby.
  • Health. Try to stick to a regular schedule and make healthy lifestyle choices, including healthy eating and regular physical activity, to promote better mental health.

Many effective treatments are available for depression. So don’t try to tough out male depression on your own — the consequences could be devastating. If you’re not comfortable visiting an office for an in person visit for any reason, consider online therapy. Depression is nothing to be ashamed of, but if you’d be more comfortable getting treatment from home this is an excellent and safe option available to you.


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