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Top Reasons to Switch to Natural and Organic Skincare

Natural and Organic Skincare
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Top Reasons to Switch to Natural and Organic Skincare

It is no longer news that beauty industry trends tend to match those in the food industry, particularly when it relates to organic beauty products. The market for organic food is stronger than ever, now that people are beginning to understand that what we eat every day impacts our health. No one needs pesticide contaminants, toxic chemicals, or genetically engineered products inside their bodies, and it makes sense for us not to want them on our skin either. This is why switching to natural and organic skincare products is a great idea all-round. 

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Image by Steve Buissinne from Pixabay

What is Organic Skincare?

Organic Skincare means using skincare products made from plant-based ingredients along with certain other naturally occurring materials. Such ingredients are cultivated without using herbicides, pesticides, synthetic fertilizers, genetically modified organisms, and so on, and are also certified organically.

The purity of these undiluted ingredients is maintained in the best possible way, with zero additives. From here, the best ingredients are selected for a particular reason, and a natural preservative method is used for long shelf life.

Using organic and natural skincare products means choosing ingredients that are ideal for your natural skin’s sophisticated systems. 

It’s never too late to make a switch, but here are the key reasons for moving to organic beauty and skincare products if you are not still certain.

Natural and organic products are ideal for skin problems –

Although any of all skin types can benefit from converting to natural Skincare, natural products are especially helpful for people with sensitive skin. Skin sensitivities and irritations are often caused by chemical fragrances, alcohol, artificial foaming agents, and parabens, all of which are present in conventional skincare products. So, it’s always better to use natural skin care products. You have to make sure that the treatment you are getting should not harm the skin in any way. Whether it’s about removing old stretch marks, getting rid of acne scars, or even pigmentation, make sure you are getting a naturally proven treatment and benefits you, just like Microneedling. This procedure does not contain any harmful chemicals or ingredients but involves only a peeling roller to massage the face. This roller is made up of multiple tiny needles, and you can get it easily anywhere. We’d recommend DermRollers, the #1 skin needling tool, which is also tested & reviewed by experts.

Switching to a natural skincare regimen would take the vast majority of typical irritants out of your skincare routine, reduce the chance of flare-ups and work to naturally repair and clear skin sensitivities.

Helps you stay away from harmful chemicals –

Pick up a jar of any non-organic skincare product and read the label. How many ingredients can you identify? Non-organic skincare goods contain toxic, artificial substances such as sodium laurel, lauryl sulfate, mineral oils, and toxins that may be traces of pesticides.

Studies have also shown that they may contain carbon, parabens, and other chemicals that can induce long-term skin inflammation, hormonal disruption, damage organ, and even cancer.

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Healthy for your skin –

For traditional skincare products, a major part of the solution is made up of synthetic petrochemicals that affect the smell, feel, color, etc. Unfortunately, these components are not always good for your health. 

The aim of organic and natural Skincare, such as those that make up the Okana Skincare range, is to promote the use of natural ingredients that are much less harmful and reduce the chance of allergies. Certifications and regulations have been put in place to supervise the industry and to lay down basic criteria.

They are eco-friendly –

The skincare and beauty industry alone generates more than 100 billion units of non-recyclable plastic packaging per year. As if it weren’t bad enough, the ingredients and chemicals used to make these products are difficult to break down. As a result, they seep into the waters and collect in the bay, causing significant harm to all aspects of aquatic life.

Not so organic and natural products. Most organic beauty labels are dedicated to protecting the environment at every stage of the production process, from gathering raw materials to packaging. They use only materials that can already be found in nature, using sustainable and environment-friendly methods. At the same time, using an organic skincare products is one step forward to having a plastic-free bathroom.

Way better fragrance –

If the ingredients are organic and natural, everything is naturally fragranced. Your jasmine cream is made from actual jasmine, and your essential oils are made from a genuine plant, never an artificial concoction. Within a few weeks, you will be able to note the difference between the synthetic scent and the real scent, and you will never want to go back to regular products.

To be sure the fragrance is genuine, search for “fragrance-free” or “natural fragrance” on the label. It would help if you also were on the lookout for compounds that serve as fragrances such as limonene, a solvent that smells like oranges.

Making the switch –

Switching to a natural and organic skincare products will give you peace of mind. With natural Skincare, there is no need to worry about the safety of the ingredients. 

Natural ingredients can help guard against the sun and soothe skin irritation, making things healthier for the skin as long as you use suitable products for your skin requirements. Chemicals can cause skin irritation and breakouts, but natural skin care products are mild and gentle on the skin.

However, it is important that you start slow and don’t replace everything at the same time. Also, if you notice any reaction, stop that particular product immediately and speak with the manufacturer or your dermatologist. 

Also, if you have used traditional skin care products and are now switching to natural, it can take longer to see a difference in your skin. It doesn’t mean the product isn’t effective, but you may need to wait for some time before you can start experiencing the changes you desire.

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